Peony Perfume

The fragrances that bear the signature of the prestigious Italian designer Giorgio Armani are, no doubt, as sophisticated and elegant as its lines of clothing garments. However, curiously, not usually being so simple, minimalist and classic as his clothes. In the realm of perfume, Armani is allowed some excesses. And even more classic or fresh creations always present an original note that desestructura and surprises. Surely the greatest success of this firm in the field of is already legendary perfume Acqua di Gio.

An Eau de Toilette light and sunny with an intensity and a presence unusual in this type of fragrances. Acqua di Gio was born from the memories of holidays past by the designer on the beautiful Italian island of Pantelleria, on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a fragrance, then, that aims to capture the spirit of happy nonchalance and relaxing in the Sun of the rest by the sea. Its base is typically oriental, floral heart and its output notes, fruit with an unusual twist: an accent of vodka. The typical White Russian drink, hot and strong, it melts perfectly with the chords of lemon, banana, peach and pineapple leaves. Acqua di Gio was released in 1995.

15 years later, Armani has his own villa in Pantelleria and its stays there are already countless. Inspired by them was born Acqua Gioia, designed for a strong woman, free and lover of nature. And this time, note that surprises appears at the base of the perfume, and that of sugar. An accent played a perfect counterpoint with Calabria’s output and pepper lemon pink that it is hidden within the deceptively sweet heart of the fragrance, tucked by jasmine and Peony. Armani Code, released in 2006, repeats the formula, but with completely different protagonists. This magnetic perfume manages to harmonize perfectly the sweetness of the Italian orange with the acidity of the bitter oranges from Africa. After this attractive counterpoint, a heart of Orange and Jasmine buds creeps toward a full base of sweetness and sensuality. There is the Armani touch of This perfume: a combination of vanilla and honey which balances the bitterness of oranges and brings a voluptuous and sensory touch that rounds off a unique fragrance.