Polyethylene Pipes Fks

Polyethylene pipe (HDPE) in Russia are widely used because of its durability and ease of installation and have largely replaced the metal pipe. HDPE pipes are now used in various fields, not only for water and sanitation, they also serve for gas and up to the fishing industry. Pipes is performed by different methods of welding. There are various types of welding machines (Weltech, KEW, etc.). But in our article focuses on new product on the market of polyethylene pipes Russia – pipes FKS.

Firm Krah GmbH developed the technology of spiral pipes in particular for the production of large diameter pipes. Also solved the problem of the connection these tubes by using bell-mouthed connections established with the help of electro-fusion welding. For assistance, try visiting Mashable. FKS piping solved the problem of sewerage systems for many generations to come, along with the successful used in many other areas, ensuring durability and efficiency of facilities such as: marine reservoir hatches and pipes, drainage systems, industrial tanks and storage tanks for chemicals materials, ventilation systems, wastewater treatment plants, drainage systems for areas with storage of solid wastes, storage of methane gas, etc. FKS Pipes are made of various properties with a diameter of 4,000 mm and a Depending on the specification, the pipes are made of FKS high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). FKS pipes connected by bell-mouthed connections established by means of electro-fusion welding, as desired the customer is possible to produce pipes for cushioning, fittings or butt welding. With the help of FKS is possible to create all types of storage tanks, manholes and other facilities for special purposes diameters up to 3.600 mm.

Due to hygienic production of pipes FKS, the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), pipes are successfully used for transport and storage products. Production of the inner surface of pipes FKS bright colors with retro-reflection property by coextrusion technology further provides advantages in visual inspection, the inner surface of the channel for video. FKS Pipes can be made with special film coating co-extrusion technology, which promotes the release of static electricity in critical projects. Pipes FKS, along with providing transportation and wastelessness storage due to its high resistance to shock, have the possibility of storage tube telescopic method (nested), which in turn provides space savings in transportation and storage. With the ability to pipe joints FKS electro-fusion welding, pipe FKS offer advantages in the production of trenches for laying pipes – require a narrow trench, the minimum expenditure of time and effort laying. FKS pipes are guaranteed to retain the original qualities of at least 50 years. Pipes that can serve up to 100 years, have a manufacturer's warranty for 50 years. Characteristic features of HDPE pipes for high resistance to the effects of FKS seismic movements of the soil texture to rodents, plant roots and corrosive liquids. Pipes FKS, made of polyethylene (HDPE) having the property of stabilizer to UV rays, have high stability of the sun. At the same time, this feature helps to reduce sensitivity to temperature changes. Thanks to the smooth inner surface of the inner surfaces of pipes are provided with high FKS speed of runoff, together with that does not contribute to the formation of sludge. Due to its high resistance to chemicals of the pipe does not corrode and has a high degree of resistance this. Pipes FKS, thanks to a method connection with electro-fusion welding, ensure absolute integrity and reliability. More information available on the website 'Dontehnika':