The psychoanalysis already presents another vision, for this boarding, the implantation of the language makes with that the citizen if constitutes of mentally ill form, therefore, believes that as much the verbal language how much the language of signals is artificial resources. Lacan and Freud affirm that the initial operation of constitution of the citizen occurs when the same are captured by the desire of the other, leaving of the approach of its family, being nominated by Lacan of alienation. For Strauss (2000, P. 15) ' ' The function of the family is less the satisfaction of the necessities of what the transmission that is in the base of the subjective constitution and that, for this reason, implies the relation of the desire that is not annimo.' ' The deaf child passes for this type of problem, it is well well-taken care of, well fed, well-behaved, but it lacks to it to be worked the question of its singularity as subject, that many times, are not fed correctly, making with that it is indifferent to everything. It will be that what lacks to it is only the use of the language of signals? She will be that the family and the school also would not have a basic paper in the process of constitution of this child? In accordance with Souza (1998), from the moment where the deaf people had passed if to congregate in schools and associations and if had constituted in group by means of a language, they had started to have the possibility to reflect on a universe of speeches on proper them, and with this they had conquered a favorable space for the ideological development of the proper identity. One becomes necessary that the deaf person recognizes its deaf identity, coexisting the universe of the deaf people, participating of the deaf community, having contact with the language so that it can identify with the culture and the customs of the same ones, contact this that will add social experiences of world and experiences.