Stainedglass Windows

Colored plastic windows used in Ukraine is increasingly popular, while more recently, new windows were exclusively white. Change the color of plastic windows is achieved by laminating pvc profile plastic window film laminating different shades. Laminating colored plastic boxes by applying laminating film on the surface of the finished pvc profile in a special way that ensures the strongest possible connection. Adhesive layer, melted in the process of applying the film connects the surface of lamination film and pvc profiles, forming a homogeneous structure. Plastic stained-glass windows are time-tested, because first laminating pvc profile was produced by rehau in 1982. Since then, colored windows, laminated pvc film, proved to be best: a strong lamination pvc film prevents mechanical damage to the surface of the plastic window, insensitivity to weather (withstand temperature variations from-80 to + 130 C), guaranteed durability and aesthetic appearance of plastic windows (PVC film does not fade in the sun for a long time while maintaining the brightness of colors, and not peel off even the most severe climatic conditions).