Management Of A Problem

For every human problem there is always an easy, clear, plausible answer. If you would like to know more about Pete Cashmore, then click here. Henry Louis Mencken The management is constantly facing the challenges it creates a management problem that manifests itself within the business under their charge and should pay the necessary attention so it does not affect the organizational climate, therefore, the expected behavior the company towards its objectives, goals, mission has been to achieve. There are many companies that are affected in their operation, not to be aware when a conflict occurs that involves the human resource, the dynamics of groups, individuals, reflected in an unproductive, unhappy, performance, motivation. Of course, companies can give way to administrative problems that may arise as a result of the impact of external variables that affect organizational behavior, such as the State, through its laws, actions, measures, affect the operation of the company, as is currently in the country, where companies have felt the damaging effects of many, to the extent that some (SMEs) have ceased operations or simply, productivity is very low.

This, as a result of economic, tax, exchange controls that are occurring. As well as, participation in the national stage, a product of globalization, foreign companies, who offer their products and services with higher quality, and few competitive prices. Also, it may be the administrative problem as a result of the internal functionality of the organization, involving from the leadership, authority, functions, performance, technology is definitely a common administrative problem consists in changes that may be generated within a organization and modern management which can not be separated for the same, since many times, if these are not given proper attention, can lead to major conflicts within an organization. Problems that may lead to conflicts within an organization are: Technological changes Charges size reduction functions, poorly defined performance modifications Mergers Dismissal Lack of communication, etc. Some of the most common and very important at present which management of an organization should be more careful is the anchor of technological change, because unless one has an appropriate technology can create chaos within the organization and as such we have: The lack of an information system. According to author Kenneth C. Jane P. Laudon Laudon, (1996) “The purpose of an information system is to capture, store and distribute information from the environment of an institution and its internal operations for the purposes of supporting the areas or functions of the institution and decision making.”

The way the lack of an information system affects the performance of the functions of a manager, can be summarized into three: Lack of information to the institution and the administrative level workers needed for making decisions. It affects the operations control and analysis of the problems. Interferes with the creation of new products and services. Information systems are of technological and social nature which require feedback that the product is returned to the appropriate person within the institution to help you assess or correct the power stage. Conclusion The management must cope with much interest, proactivity, the current reality facing the Venezuelan business sector for this purpose must diagnose what the root causes that are driving the emergence of administrative problems and take action, strategies to counteract not be affected in its operational business, productivity. Should be further give way to a consonant to an organizational culture that promotes reality, genuine, where all the staff is fully identified with his role and so motivate them to generate suggestions, participation to offset the negative effects of administrative problem.