The body & beauty lounge in Karlsruhe ensures with the latest technology hairless autumn hair removal is a tiresome topic for many women and more and more men. Shaving is fast, but just as quickly the hair are back. Also, shaving irritates the skin, because at every shave it blends to tiny micro-injuries with the blade, which can ignite also. Ugly pimples occur. The growing hairs often cause an unpleasant itching. What are the alternatives to the shave is it? The body & beauty lounge in Karlsruhe with the site know responses.

If advanced technology for hair removal is mentioned, most people think alike on the laser. But laser treatments are not only expensive, but also painful and it can remain even scars. The IPL technology works much more gentle and completely non-invasive. IPL stands for intense pulsed light”. d like to discuss. Here, the hair are selectively irradiated with (Xenon) light and ultrasound. The surrounding tissue remains completely intact.

Not the hair root is, as often mistakenly assumed, for the hair growth that is responsible, but the dental papilla. It is supplied with nutrients through the subcutaneous blood vessels. Permanent and lasting freedom from hair can be achieved only when working in the field of the papilla, a pure desolation of the hair root”would not suffice. The IPL technology in conjunction with ultrasound starts right here. The nutrient intake of the papilla is disrupted and it comes to a degeneration. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andy Florance by clicking through. After a few sessions, the skin remains smooth and no more hair to regrow at this point. This is possible due to the so called Photothermolysis. Visible light is absorbed and converted into heat. Dark hair absorb more light than the surrounding skin and the different cell components thereby absorb light differently. Treating it is so on the right wavelength of pulsed light, if one wants to remove hair permanently and selectively.

Non Prescription Color Contacts

Cost of non prescription color contacts can vary slightly depending on where purchased. If the cost of non prescription color contacts is a problem for you, check around before buying. The cost of color contacts prescription can not be investigated in different ways. The first way to research the cost of color contacts no prescription is online. There are many sites that will give you the information you need about the cost of non prescription color contacts.

The only problem I can find in the study of the costs of non prescription color contacts is the availability of this type of contact lenses. Several sites advertise low cost no prescription color contacts, but then to get to the site they tell you you really do not sell color contacts no prescription. The low cost of non prescription color contacts is not quite what it seems because in reality you need a prescription. This can be misleading. The cost of color contacts non prescription can be investigated using a phone book and call optical shops in your area. Again, you may be surprised because the cost of non prescription color contacts can not be what they were led to believe. It is therefore important to make some telephone calls over the cost of non prescription color contacts.

There are magazines that will provide information on the cost of non prescription color contacts. Sometimes there are some very good prices out there. Always read the fine print, because the cost of non prescription color contacts can be tricky at first. Shipping cost is not always noted in bold, you can add to the cost of non prescription color contacts. The cost of non prescription color contacts is usually quite affordable and will be able to get the best price if you do some testing and comparing. Some countries besides the United States may be able to offer a lower cost of non prescription color contacts. Timothy Gorman is a successful Webmaster and publisher of It offers more contact lens tips and can research and purchase in your pajamas on his website.

Vodopadny Nail Design

Waterfall nail design is part of the new technology of combining acrylic and gel nail modeling and design. More information is housed here: Castle Harlan. The new technique makes it possible to combine types of design in the simulation of artificial nails, creating the effect of three-dimensional image. Effect of stunning! First, disinfect the hands of the client, perform the "dry" nail polish, produce withdrawal of natural light from the nail plate and degreasing. We turn to modeling free edge of the nail. In carrying out the design using colored acrylic powders with different densities. You can choose any colors and their combinations – "Vodopadny" can be any design.

To isolate the individual elements compositions are applied paint nails, rhinestones , beads. Zapilivaem free edge of the nail. To achieve the effect falls nail fashions modeled by a transparent gel. Author technologies "Waterfalls" – Nana Ivanova – Wizard Studios Creative manicure. Winner of Russian and international competitions for nail design.

Ward Panel

Radiation levels of the Vario infrared panels by design & heating far below international limiting values the company design & heating from 6511 Zams in Tyrol produces and distributes several years infrared surface heating panels. Learn more at this site: Peter Asaro . This large, evenly-radiating heating panels are ideally suited for the heating of residential areas, as well as for use in spas (infrared cabins, saunas). Specifically with regard to the requirements of the heating panels in the industrial field design was the Austrian Research Center “Seibersdorf of laboratories” of the company in April 2012 & heating charged with assessing the infrared surface heating panels Vario/Ecosun technical radiation protection. For an infrared surface heating Panel of type Vario with a size of 78(B)x65(H)x1,2(D) cm at the Research Centre was sent for testing and evaluation purposes. The Panel is connected via an electronic ballast unit directly to the mains supply (230 V AC). The required measurements on the 26.04.2012 in the Laser application lab Seibersdorf performed. The irradiance measured before the heater were compared with international limits with regard to a possible burn of the skin and damage to the eyes. The distribution of surface temperature on the front of the heating Panel as a function of time was measured using a thermal imaging camera.

The maximum surface temperature on the front of the infrared heating Panel amounted to 80 C, after a warm-up time of 30 minutes, the Panel was in a thermally stable state. Area due to the determined during the measurement, the maximum surface temperature of about 80 C was almost exclusively in the infrared C radiation (IR-C, wavelengths above 3? m) and only a very small part in the infrared-B range (IR-B, wavelengths of between 1.4? m and 3? m) emitted. The maximum emission was at a wavelength of 8.2? m. Both the measured value for skin irradiation (380 nm – 1 mm) as well as the reading eye irradiation (780 nm 3000 nm) was regarding each compared with corresponding limit. According to opinion No.-LE-G-0214-1 / 12 of 27 over earmarked for optical radiation of infrared surface heating Panel Vario/Ecosun IRC conclude the following findings emerged: A comparison of the measured radiation values with the international limits suggests, that a burning of the skin or damage to the eyes by the infrared radiation of the tested IR surface heating Panel is not possible unless proper use and normal pain are provided. More information under: company portrait: the company design & heating deals mainly with various design products on the topics of wellness, warmth, well-being headquartered in Zams in Tyrol and is your service partner for infrared cabins, saunas, infrared heating systems and heat with style. Contact: design & heating, Mrs Sonja Rangger Magdalenaweg 13a 66511 Zams, Austria Tel.: + 43 (0) 5442 64799; Martina Frenzel wellness and Media Phillip of Ward eight road 32 50678 Cologne, Germany Tel.: 0221 4537373

Training In Nail Design

Here you can get now a 400 voucher for one of the best nail design training courses that exist in Germany. You are looking for a suitable and professional training in nail design? And you want to be professionally successful as nail designer and make the profession so maybe your hobby? Perhaps have first experience in nail design, but now search for a training to become a real pro in the nail design? Or are still at the beginning and are now looking for the best education in the nail design, so that you can learn this art quickly and safely? Here you can get now a 400 voucher for one of the best nail design training courses that exist in Germany. Well over 1,000 nail-design student, the MAHA creative Academy has been perfectly trained and made successful nail designers over the last 20 years. The creative Academy is one of the leading academies for training in the field of nail design worldwide and in Germany. Here a small overview, where you at the MAHA creative Academy train can leave: basic training in nail design: Learn step for step and in small groups of experienced professionals the art of nail design. In just 6 days, we make you completely fit professional training in nail design: If you are already an advanced nail Designer, perfecting your techniques with this course and become Germany’s elite in the nail design workshops and training around the professional range of MAHA cosmetics: CND color & effects, Spa and shellac (the world’s first scratch-resistant, high-gloss Nail Polish). Learn more at: Kai-Fu Lee.