Strollers-transformers can be used for sleep and for walking toddler. In these prams frame is not separated from recreational seats or cradles. In the Transformers are usually governed by absolutely everything, from the angle torso and to the height of the footboard. Since the baby during sleep is needed solid foundation for the back, is inserted into the carriage carrying bag with rigid bottom. If the carrying bag is missing, then at the bottom of the vehicle need to put a hard mattress. Strollers transformers are low, so the child will breathe in the summer is not very clean air, and parents will have to stoop low enough to feed a bottle or correct Blankets. When using the bag-carrier in the summer it can be hot. Strollers transformers, folding on the basis of books, take plenty of space when folded and not very convenient for transportation.

But these prams smaller and weigh less than strollers, cradles or two (three) in one ". Strollers are designed for children older than six months, mostly on a walk awake. These carriages quite easily maneuverable, easy to added. The back is adjustable, so for some time the child can not even sleep in this mode. Strollers are easy enough. In winter it is cold baby. Many strollers of this type of small plastic wheels, which are not allow to overcome great obstacles.

Buggies designed for children who could walk. Kids happy and sitting in this form of transport, and like to take them by the handles. Such strollers are lightweight, compact. They add to the size of a big stick, hence their name. But sleeping in strollers, cradles uncomfortable. Relatively small wheels do not allow to overcome the obstacles. There are other types of strollers, for example, for twins and triplets. But no matter what stroller you choose, pay attention to a number of details. What to look for when choosing a pram Material of construction of the carriage, must be impermeable, or with a special water-repellent impregnation. Often parents choose a baby carriage from the non-marking fabric. It is quite wrong. It is better to wash the carriage once more, than to engage in self-congratulatory: "once Dust and dirt is not visible, then the kid sitting and sleeping in a clean vehicle. " Many of the kids, trying not to miss anything during the walk, much revolve in a wheelchair, so be sure to pay attention to the belts Security fasteners which must be well fastened and come unfastened. Complete with prams are often sold accessories: mattress, a plastic cover to protect from the rain cover for the leg bag children's clothes, etc. If you manage a baby carriage to be adults of different heights, then the choice must pay attention to the possibility of adjusting knobs for height. Not superfluous in the presence of any carriage, cart, or be special bags for food. Correctly chosen pushchair will enjoy you and your child walks in any season.