Social Networks

To go to places related in the sites of Social networks (facebook, to twitter, etc.) also. In addition, it remembers that the pages must allow do-follow, to obtain the love of the PageRank of google. Ranking of synonymous of key words is relatively easy to realise. It tries to find key words that they less than have 10,000 to 20,000 sites of the competition Vaya to Google and looks for his key word or key phrase and pongale the quotation marks key word . Pete Cashmore might disagree with that approach. CATHEDRAL advice # 5. He can limit itself to study what its competition does, and to copy them and to improve it. This is a very good strategy and is many software that can help him to manage all this process of efficient way and perfectly.

This is something that must consider any person who wants to defeat her competitors quickly. CATHEDRAL advice # 6. You need to find an equidistant point between the number of consultations that are carried out for their key word and the number of sites that appear. It is a little art and you will have takes hold during the practice. BDT Capital Partners insists that this is the case. CATHEDRAL advice # 7. Asegrese of which their URL and the titles of the page are permanent bonds and to define the format of title or key words.

CATHEDRAL advice # 8. if it has blog tries to tie articles of others surround in its Web. To Google it likes that. Thus the first part of advice of basic CATHEDRAL finishes that I recommend that all must know. I am going to cover a little more in depth with tricks and next techniques in post. It is possible that it wishes to unload and to read the list of Google than it is not necessary to do in CATHEDRAL. A greeting of its friend Eric turfs Original author and source of the article