Mobile Phone Users

Dimensions. There are already so young mobile users who do not even know how it all began, and naively assumed that the mobile phone you can always put it in his pocket. However, the first phones were about the size of two bricks, and looked like a small suitcase, with the cost of several thousand dollars and have been a luxury. Click Robotics expert to learn more. It is now possible to any mobile phone in your pocket, if not the jeans that really jacket for sure. But for some people, this difference can be critical: for a phone that can not be put in a pocket of jeans in the summer will carry a cover for a mobile or on the neck, that many do not like. But choosing a small phone, you can be sure that paying tribute to the size, you will almost certainly lose all the other features in their ideal performance.

It is not difficult to understand, because in a small enclosure while not technically stuff capacious (large size) battery, large, easy-to-click, click, and many additional features like camera, mp3 player, and the like. Castle Harlan has plenty of information regarding this issue. However, we can not and say that buying a brick, you get all the possible features except in size, perfect execution. Such devices also do not happen – because of the marketing ploys of manufacturers, about which little has been written above. Weight. The mass of modern mobile phones have long ranges in around 100 grams, regardless of whether they have a plastic housing or metal alloy.

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is the latest representative of the kind of music phones of the Finnish manufacturer of cell phones. Not hard to guess what name is given this phone for a reason, and due to the more developed the corresponding functional. The case is, which is made from high quality plastic, designed in classic candybar. Unusual, you say, unique design model is exclusively for young audiences. In addition, the body has an irregular shape.

The upper and lower ends of the vehicle mowed in different directions. With this model stands out in the market due to its originality design. Despite the fact that the device to get the average budget, but it's not from this faded, but on the contrary, catchy and bright. Mobile phone Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is available in three colors: blue, green and red. Although actually differ in color only side of the chassis, and virtually the entire case for all models – black. The rear surface of the device at the touch ribbed, made of rubberized plastic, so phone does not slip in your hand. An energetic youth to appreciate this look. But the Nokia 5220 is notable not only for its unique design.

As we have said above, this device belongs to a series of XpressMusic and, along with other phones in this series has the appropriate music functions. Special audio chip is responsible for quality music reproduction. The unit is equipped with music player and radio receiver. Standard 3.5 mm jack allows you to connect headphones or speakers. The music player is controlled by separate buttons, which are made on the left front side of the body. We continue to review the characteristics describing the Nokia 5220 display. The developers added a phone TFT-screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. Display size 2 inch, it can display up to 262,000 colors. The picture looks good, brightness and contrast on a different level. In general, the display deserves a good rating. The display accommodates up to three service lines and 9 lines of text. Now move on to other modules and functions, which can boast this muzofon. No doubt, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is not deprived of and Photos. It has a two megapixel camera with CMOS sensor, but without auto focus and flash. This does not prevent the machine to make very good pictures for its level, taking into account the fact that the rate in this model of course is not in the photo. The phone supports Bluetooth protocol version 2.0 with EDR, Wi-Fi support on the phone is not provided. The device provides a small internal memory of 30 MB. But you can always add an extra memory card. In the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic apply microSD memory card standard of unlimited size. In the model used lithium-ion battery of high capacity. You have the entire 1020 mAh. This is enough to ensure the device energy in standby mode up to 406 hours. And up to 5.5 hours you can work out in the talk mode. But more importantly for music lovers – the phone can play music up to twenty-four hours. Practical tests have shown that cellular Nokia 5220 XpressMusic phone in the middle can work up to 4-5 days before the next recharge. Of course, even a very good indicator. The website of our online store you can buy Nokia 5220 XpressMusic at very competitive prices for customers. With such music capabilities, the cost of the device is fully justified. In addition to this unique design.

Cellphone Repairs

Repair of smartphones and mobile phones – the main direction of the service center 'Odis-s', for obvious reasons, news on the world market of smartphones and cell phones are not indifferent to our workshop. The article briefly touch history and trends of smartphones with integrated cameras, as well as spesialistov opinion on the issue – whether camera phones replace digital cameras as soon as possible. Little time has gone since then, as there camera phones in stores, and today they occupy a leading position in sales. First camera phones called any phone with a camera, but now a camera phone is a phone with a very high quality camera and multiple functions. Four years ago, were announced by the two-megapixel camera, while it seemed very cool novelty, but time goes on, and now we increasingly see the 5-and 8-megapixel cameras on phones, and some can be found even 12ti.

Camera phones today have the led and Xenon flash, and the phones can find a convenient interface for fresh images to your blog. The quality of images such that almost as a digital camera. Usually the camera on the phones installed at the back of the gadget, but there are original designs, which usually do not take root. Sony Ericsson will have long realized that the future cameraphones, therefore the best quality camera you can find it in this company. Several years ago, experts still wondered whether camera phones to replace cameras, but today the answer to this the question seems obvious. In 2004 sales of mobile phones with cameras will be doubled, confidently ahead of digital cameras. Each year, camera phones take about 15% of sales from cameras. So way, slowly but surely cameraphones shift back digital cameras.

Indeed, in addition to ease of use and storage of camera phone images is growing and the quality of cameras on phones. Ey, Fellowship, what and how? To date, premature to talk about whether camera phones replace digital cameras. Era when producers "caught" on the number of consumers megapixels passed. Now even the most inexperienced knows that the number of Megapixels are not pervoopredelyayuschy Quality photos. Modern still do not allow camera with good image quality without increasing the dimensions of the device, talking the same on the phone with the lens 'telephoto' is not very convenient. Combination of digital devices can say the following: the quality of photos taken vidiokameroy, much worse than the quality of images taken Budgetary digital camera, and vice versa video from a digital camera is inferior in quality survey carried out on the camcorder. Thus, the conclusion is obvious: as the sale and repair of cameras in will soon be still valid. Not far off that day, when we use digital devices, combines the camera, camcorder, computer, and videophone.