Strategator has just launched a mobile version of your website, a professional business service, provides competitive intelligence solutions. Strategator brings a new dimension to search for companies in real time, the expansion of its services to all mobile devices connected to the Internet. Professionals now have access to business updates in real time, while out of the Office or in continuous motion. Immediate access to all this data has them in his pocket, at any time you can keep your business a step ahead of the competition. The main aspects covered by the most recent updates are: competitive intelligence become an efficient decision making strategy all business data (financial information, legal information, news, social information of the media of communication, e-reputacion, etc). Manipulate the data collected to improve its competitiveness.

Mobility access to your account anytime, anywhere, using any mobile device connected to the Internet. Manage and interpret the complete data of business, in one place. LinkedIn widget access to the most popular professional network of, see the updates from your contacts, companies and recent work. For updates in real time of its competitors from different sources is a process that consumes time. has unified and has incorporated these data on your mobile device, to facilitate the process of reacting to the actions of competitors and anticipate their future movements. About Strategator: is a portal of business intelligence that provides companies real-time aggregated information on companies, allowing them to control their e-reputacion, to carry out market research and to track the activity of competitors.