State Border Service

For example, you have a multiple Schengen visa for Germany. Maximum stay within the borders of the Schengen – 30 days. If you have 10 days in Germany, 5 days – in Italy 2 days – in Denmark, 6 days – in Spain, 4 days – in France and 3 days – in Malta "Basic rule of the country" will not be disturbed. Since you have spent in the country issuing the visa, more days than other countries in the Schengen space. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Asaro . Uniquely satisfied the "rule of the main countries" will be considered if the number days spent in Spain, will be greater than the number of days spent in all Schengen countries.

In this case, the stay in Spain must not be less than 16 days. Well, of course, should know that to commit an offense in one of the countries of the Schengen area means an automatic denial of future visa in any member state in the area. The fact that data on all citizens entering the Schengen area, are stored in computer databank of Strasbourg, and if a citizen violates the law, then it automatically enters the stop-list 'undesirables' for up to ten years. Visas distinguish Rewritable: 1. Single-entry Schengen visa – this is a document authorizing entry into the Schengen area only through that country, the consulate which was obtained visa documents. If for some reason you're going to get into this state through another country – party to the Schengen agreement, then you have to make some effort to convince employees of the State Border Service to allow you to enter.