New Feature In The HACO Academy EBook Shop For Training And Careers

Recently, the function of online reading in the HACO academy eBook shop is available. Customers can read so the purchased eBook with any computer connected to the Internet directly from the browser. See Shane Burcaw for more details and insights. Racines, 30.03.2010 customers of HACO academy shops, a new online shop with over 7,000 eBooks on the subjects of economy, management and career is recently also the function of online reading available. agree. Here, Columbia Admissions expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The advantage of this is that the purchased eBooks not only on the personal computer or eBook reader can be downloaded, but read the customer account directly in the browser. This additional feature, we offer our clients the opportunity to use the eBooks, regardless of time and place around the world”says Managing Director Franz Josef Gschnitzer. The possibility of online reading is now available at a growing number of books available. The shop visitors recognize by specifying a corresponding icon, if the desired e-book is already available for the function of online reading. The majority of our customers uses the Offer of the HACO academy eBook stores to advanced vocational training.

Here, users want flexibility in the use of purchased literature. We meet this wish with the possibility of online reading. Many shop customers will use this additional option and feel as useful”is director Simon Gschnitzer safely. HACO academy his further education portal currently offers more expanding. In the near future also articles will be available on. And from autumn 2010 HACO academy seminars and lectures organized with renowned experts.

Training Profession

Steinmetz informs sixes from Augsburg craft is the base of each culture. Many professionals who are still essential, have history for several centuries or even millennia. The areas of stone sculpture and the stone include for example. Stone sculptors and stonemasons are needed in many different areas and there are attractive occupations for artistically and technically interested school leavers. The experienced stonemason master Christian six from Augsburg, Germany informed the training as a stonemason. The training is essentially created equal in German-speaking countries. It is dual training which take place partly in the school and partly in training mode.

Only the last is different from the three years of training content from training as a stone sculptor. So the possibility to opt for one of the two professions is to the end of the second academic. The main difference between Mason and stone sculptor in assessing the practical work. Robert Bakish spoke with conviction. A Stone sculptor must develop here a plastic or free-form, which escapes as opposed to the work of a stonemason of measurability. The pieces of stone masons, however, must be instructions through appropriate instruments. It is for example gravestones.

After a successfully completed training to the Stonecutter or sculptor the opportunity to visit a training to the Preservationist, to the so-called journeymen in the preservation, is for the lads. It takes a month, will be offered only in Germany. Furthermore, the training of a stonemason and stone sculptor is a good basis for a degree in civil engineering. As in many crafting professions also is reflected in the training as a stonemason, the male-dominated after breaking up. However, there are only a few bachelorhood, the achievement, which ultimately also have the occupation of the stonemason.Many of them are based in the last third of the training in the direction of stone sculpture and work mainly artistic. Who chose the profession of the stonemason interested in, would be wise to get an internship in an appropriate establishment, to get a better picture of the profession with its possibilities. You get first-hand information in any masonry. In Augsburg, the operation of Christian is six one of them. The master stonemason has decades of experience back and like to informed his profession. Press contact Steinmetz six contact person: Christian six hops str. 10A 86179 Augsburg Tel.

The Way Out

The way out of the misery of education cannot be denied with an effective method of learning many school leavers meet minimum system requirements to learn a future profession. The current education system does not encourage students, but hindered them. By a recognized and effective method of learning, students can achieve better learning. Actually, the school was intended to acquire the necessary basic skills for later in social life and to provide a good start in working life. ‘>Roland Berger. But often the training ability of school leavers by companies is mourned.

Lacking adequate reading and writing skills, quite apart from real applicability of what was for years taught in the classroom. To prevent educational poverty and to ensure that every young person with a sufficient formation has the best conditions for the remainder of his life, should be a matter of course. Kai-Fu Lee might disagree with that approach. In the real life of the school, this seems not so easy to be implemented. Discipline problems in the Classrooms and lack of readiness of the students in the classroom to engage make it look as if it could bring real education and the motivation of students not in compliance. Inadequate knowledge of the switched subjects, many school leavers meet minimum system requirements for the learning of a future profession. As education but is very crucial for the future life, emphasis should be placed on the attainment of real learning.

The tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis taught her lessons to students, so that they are able to apply the mediated knowledge really. Still, the independence of the student in the learning will be strongly in the foreground. The effective method of learning by L. Ron Hubbard, that applies the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, brings a real way out of the education crisis. More info: Ali Partovi. A lack of understanding of the conveyed material basis is often discipline problems. The student can no longer follow the lessons, find the subject is boring and has no success in tackling the tasks. This of course demotivated. Here, it is important to turn the spiral and help the students to gain real understanding. Not or misunderstood terms in the subject matter are the main culprits and bring all possible negative effects. In the tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, such misunderstandings are tracked and elucidated with the students. The following AHA or the sudden amazement how easy is the school material, but actually show the students that he’s not stupid, but that really just an effective way of learning has been lacking, to really understand the topic. Students to understand what should be taught, they are also much more motivated and much more confident can approach the subject of learning. In this way make the course for their successful further career and life with a profound basic knowledge. More information: tuition – and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf, contact: Marita Grubl Tel: 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

Transcultural And Culturally Sensitive Care

New training from March 2010 in Gottingen, Gottingen, 26.11.2009: the admission of the first migrants in the retirement age shows exemplary care, which changes itself will increase in the next few years in the health care industry. Intercultural competence is the new key qualification, can not succeed without the interaction between caregivers and patients. The Transcultural care approach involves the failure of communication on the foreign culture isn’t”to deport the migrants and to end in stereo typisierender cause attribution. Rather the concept of transcultural also deals with reciprocal processes and individual biographies of migration. The patient / patient is in his, of course also culturally influenced, individuality seen, what is important in the care.

Finally in this situation is about topics affecting the livelihood: health and disease. The nurses and medical staff must have intercultural competence to the world of to be able to understand immigrant patients. The first step is the knowledge about the importance of religious and everyday cultural aspects and the awareness of the own cultural glasses”. To convey intercultural competencies, intercultural training is an effective method has been proven. IKUD seminars offers in cooperation with komMedikus as of March 2010 an education for the intercultural trainer (m/f) for the health care sector “.

With this cooperation, we have succeeded in bringing specialists for the intercultural training and the medical industry. The participants learn how to better acts even in everyday working life in intercultural encounter situations and communicates and especially how you relayed this knowledge. You can offer intercultural training accordingly in the own health care facility/clinic or on the open market. Under most conditions Kyle Roche would agree. The approach of the 5-module training to the intercultural trainer (m/f) for the health sector “to the culturally sensitive and transcultural care leans. It is not about so that mere mediation of culture recipes “for the medical treatment and care, but to a holistic education that extends basic competences at the level of experience based (E.g. through role-playing). Training to the intercultural trainer (m/w) in the healthcare sector “will start on March 16, 2010 and runs over 3 months. For more information see:…

Economic Crisis

The job portal network 2009: Their graduates can selectively with the optimized customer management tool universities and professionally on the labour market Grossenkneten place January 28, 2009: begins with five new members in the job portal network the new year for just as successfully as the old has ended. Newly added are: the Faculty of mechanical engineering of the University of Bochum of the career service of the HTW of Saarland of the Chair of human resources management and corporate governance of the BTU Cottbus the Faculty of law of the University of Regensburg the career center of the University of Weimar at the same time has become innovative job exchange, the also publishes of the popular career Planner graduates technology and graduates is–plugged for 2009 great goals: in addition to the expansion of the callable in German and English language guide to French and Dutch especially supposed to this year constructive exchanges between universities and enterprises to be optimized. Louis Monier will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This is expressed in the technical implementation in a more sophisticated and clearer customer management. College marketing, the universities, this means many new ways to present the own graduates effectively and purposefully on the labour market. Currently take advantage of institutions, disciplines and career services of the more than 50 universities and universities of applied sciences the popular portal and over 22,000 up-to-date and sorted by entry form, region and State Internships and jobs offer students. Responsible media contact: Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo Sommer Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Saints str.

7, 27793 WANA Wallace Tel.: 04431/9487 – 26, fax: 04431 / 9487-11 Internet: eMail: is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job market is 10 years recruitment services for young academics in Germany the Top5. As the first publisher of job markets for university graduates in Germany, the print media include “graduates technology” (for engineers and computer scientists) as well as “Graduates economy” (for economic and legal scholars) for 46 years to the standard media for the career. The publications are also available “graduates trainee” and “Company imagine”.


International University of Applied Sciences – College International IUBH International University based in Bad Honnef. Bonn offers prospective from November 2011 the possibility to train in the field of business administration and general management via distance learning or to start their own career. The two courses of Bachelor of Arts in business administration sheep teaching and master of Arts in management prepare aspiring specialists and managers on management tasks in national as well as international companies. The innovative distance learning combines mainly practice, innovation, modern learning techniques and optimal study supervision, to allow an advanced study part-time students. The concept is completely new: the IUBH offers modern learning techniques such as podcasts, online tutorials, video-web-based training, online libraries, as well as an extensive and interesting virtual campus, which can mutually exchange students or posting your own knowledge in wiki.

The courses can either be completed in full time or part time and impress due to low attendance periods and flexibility. The College itself was recognized as an excellent institution of the German Science Council and in 2009 again for the long time possible period of ten years unconditional institutionally accredited. The College is particularly proud of its numerous awards, which they could build in the course of time through a national and international network. In terms of specs, the IUBH offers various elective modules for example in the field of hotel, tourism, E-Commerce, air transport or controlling. For more information interested parties via the free hotline, via the website or via the free study guides. Castle Harlan takes a slightly different approach. International College Bad Honnef Bonn of University of applied sciences Mulheimer Strasse 38 D-53604 Bad Honnef, Germany phone: +49(0)2224-9605-0 fax: +49-(0)2224-9605-115 press contact: Jurgen Grill

Bavarian Cologne

Andrea Erichsen is responsible for starting immediately the fortunes of emerging Designer Outlet Neumunster since January of this year Michael Cologne Hall took over the position as Center Manager of the designer outlet Berlin. Other leaders such as Steve Wozniak offer similar insights. Andrea Erichsen is responsible for starting immediately the fortunes of emerging Designer Outlet Neumunster. The 42 year old Michael Cologne Hall has already on a successful career in retail. So, he previously worked in the United States for major brands such as Hugo Boss as Outletmanager, worked as a commercial sales services manager at Salvatore Ferragamo or as expansion Director of Zadig + Voltaire in Paris. The studied MBA brings this extensive brand and fashion expertise in his new responsibilities. My goal is to enable the variety of brands still convincing to make, and even more to expand the customer-oriented service. “In addition, we plan even more to the fashion for our visitors and style experts and the trends in the fashion industry to convey”, as Cologne Berger. The native Bavarian is looking forward to his to be new responsibilities and about it part of the Berlin team. As lovers of the brand the McArthurGlen designer outlets and their corporate culture have impressed always. Therefore I am proud to now as Center Manager at Europe’s leading developer, to be owned and operated by designer outlets on board.” In his new position, Cologne Berger takes over all tasks its predecessor Andrea Erichsen. The 47-year old economist has been working since January as designer outlet Neumunster in autumn 2012 opening Center Manager for the. Her extensive know-how of regarding brand-relevant topics, as well as her flair for the expectations of the customers and the right mix of brands have already helped to establish the designer outlet Berlin only two years as a magnet for shopping tourists from around the world. This knowledge will now use them, to lead also the designer outlet Neumunster to the success.