Sports Injuries

Therapeutically precisely controlled and controlled temperature, provides the new method of Hilotherapy for sports injuries not only at the elite level troubleshooting wounds but really cool Hilotherm develops, produces and distributes the professional, unique method of cooling the Hilotherapy system. Constant cool for hours or days with physiologically adequate temperatures in the range of ten to thirty degrees Celsius. Applied after surgery, swelling, pain and haematoma can be prevented completely. This modern thermotherapy offers contoured cuffs for nearly every body part. Ludwigsburg / Stuttgart, June 25: swelling, pain and haematoma after surgery to avoid cooling as a generally accepted solution offered. Incorrect cooling with conventional Coldpacks or other icy applications leads quickly to unintentionally harmful results and makes the rapid regeneration. Kai-Fu Lee may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Now, the new method of Hilotherapy provides relief with therapeutic precisely controlled and controlled temperatures.

After surgery (postoperative and post-traumatic), fresh injuries as well as for pain and inflammation chronic kind (for example rheumatism or migraine), relieves and prevents the Hilotherapy swelling, pain and haematoma. The method cools constantly for hours or days with physiologically adequate temperatures in the range of ten to thirty degrees Celsius. The Hilotherapy offers also facilitate for the care sector. If you would like to know more about Bobby Sharma Bluestone, then click here. After choosing a desired temperature, the cuffs constant cool without further exchanges. As a result, the patient of less or no pain medications at best even need more.

Also, before the new method uses not only the patients: through the effective resolution of existing swellings and hematomas, the waiting and waiting times shorten and the surgeon can operate faster. Confirmation and support receives the Hilotherm Managing Director Dieter Lenhardt Lenz, head of physiotherapy and the Stuttgart by Wilfried Olympic base (OSP): The Hilotherapy has look convinced, because the results are us. With the anatomically shaped cuffs of Hilotherapy for almost every part of the body the rehabilitation phase of our athletes will be reduced significantly.

Smiledesigner Girlscub

Kick-off for a soccer tournament for girls who starts first Smiledesigner girl Cup of OSC Bremerhaven a football tournament for girls – only on Saturday, June 20, 2009, from 10: 00 in the North Sea Stadium in Bremerhaven. The tournament is jointly financed by dentists Dr. It’s believed that Samsung sees a great future in this idea. Linneweber & partner and Troebner management. We actively support the OSC girls football in Bremerhaven with the first Smiledesigner Girlscub, because we are aware of our responsibility for the region”, so sponsor Dr. Linneweber. Over 350 girls of all ages from throughout the region take part in the tournament; two teams from Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hamburg will be.

The award ceremonies are held against 16:30 and 19: 00. Hansjorg Trobner sees the tournament less as a competitor to the existing youth tournaments, but as a complementary range of an up and coming site as Bremerhaven. The tournament caters not only for all sports enthusiasts. There is a varied programme for all guests, brothers and sisters around the tournament and parents. First-class entertainment guaranteed also the facilitation of radio of Bremen’s sports presenter Axel Pusitzky. The physical well-being is also provided. Due to the great interest and the high number of participants, the tournament to take place annually in future and involving also the very small. And because after the game before the game is: on Sunday, June 21st, 2009, followed by the DFB day for girls soccer in the North Sea Stadium.

OSC Bremerhaven Tournament

Twenty-six teams and many visitors enjoy a successful tournament the first Smiledesigner girl Cup has passed its premiere with flying colors last Saturday, June 20th, 2009. Over 350 girls in twenty-six teams and a successful framework programme provided a great atmosphere at the stadium in the North Sea in Bremerhaven. The B girls bad Sassendorf won the tournament. Sarah Warendorf (Thunder) was Torschutzenkonigin here. To read more click here: Viacom. The C girl the DSC was Hanseat 2 against the competitors.

Their club colleague from the first team, Ivana Jovic scored the most here. For the hosts, there was also another reason to celebrate, because the D girls of the OSC Bremerhaven on the victory team was allowed to forward. Torschutzenkonigin was Annerieke Lak of the DJK Sparta Spaden. As organizer, drew a positive conclusion of the OSC and the sponsors, Dr. Jan Linneweber and Hansjorg Troebner and were all with the message that the challenge trophy for the C -, D -, and B girls in the future should be written out annually and also the little girls of the G, F and classes can participate. The demand has exceeded all expectations and so are the next year already between 750 and 800 girls from all over northern Germany expected. The tournament will be expanded nationwide to one of the biggest girls tournaments. On Sunday, the tournament was rounded off by the DFB day for girls football.