Bertrand Russell

He spoke on the right who attended them disseminate the humanist thought and ensured that in Costa Rica laws guaranteeing freedom of worship and respect the individual beliefs of its citizens. In a first moment I felt tempted to contact that organization and get out so my philosophical isolation auto imposed by respect for the beliefs, customs and idiosyncrasies of the noble citizens of my new country of host. Las ganas me went from blow to learn that community it formed only 20 members. I concluded that it would be difficult to go unnoticed in a small group and that it was better to follow in anonymity with respect my convictions. I realized then that the journalist was quite sarcastic when interviewing character and that this was sitting on the lawn, under a tree in some anonymous place. Curiously, he had a sleeve of his shirt arremangada to the shoulder and the other down, with either buttoned cuff, which gave him a strange look, as if you had taken the pressure or applied a vaccine. Steve Wozniak spoke with conviction. Then a few weak and too academic arguments that I not convinced nor to me for I am atheist, were dismissed and he was walking while the camera followed him as if outside an extraterrestrial being. In Costa Rica they are no different, only live another time on these issues.

Here it is still unthinkable to accept the possibility that there is Dios. These thoughts are simply evil and the good people them is not permitted under any circumstances. Something similar happened in my Spain of 1973 or in my Chile in 1960, but we are changing and the Costa Ricans in the future will surely also. Fortunately all this has left something positive for me, since I’ve forced me to documenting me and I have found that a lot of smart people has bothered to study deeply the philosophical thought from all eras to wield on the basis of the reasons of the humanist approach. With joy I’ve heard that atheists or humanists in Spain are approximately 20% of the population, which automatically ended with that feeling of loneliness that felt when meditating on the theme of God’s existence.

I loved reading the book of my relative Bertrand Russell titled why I am not a Christian and he was impressed by the amount of knowledge from all periods and cultures that Russell drove and they did that their deductions were so convincing and so perfectly argued. Having said that, and recognizing that admiration I feel for those teachers of philosophy, I do not believe that it is imperative to possess this vast amount of knowledge to conclude that God does not exist. For me is a thing of simple logic, any mortal (i.e. all), applying the basic knowledge acquired in school education, watching science television programs or exploiting the vast source of information that is the Internet, it is really hard not conclude that that topic is a fiction, the largest ever told, but fiction to the end and honestly I see more benefit than harm if people get rid of beliefs that keep them servile and become truly free individuals.