Toshiba Folio

Toshiba Tablet Pc Folio 100 are beginning the era of the tablet Pc. But what exactly is a tablet Pc? The tablet are the latest computing innovation, and are halfway between the laptop and the PDA, trying to leverage the best of both: touch screen, lightweight, internet access and use of multimedia content. The tablet pc are designed to carry your information where your go, offering efficiency and functionality of a laptop computer, being still more practical and light. This is precisely the characteristic that is doing to improve their sales, and where will they be consolidated in the market, and this at the expense of netbooks, whose sales will decrease, surely, in the coming years. The computer manufacturers are filling the market each with their respective models. He has not been back and Toshiba has the Toshiba Folio 100 Tablet market.

It is a tablet of fine design, with its 14 mm thick; lightweight, with a weight of 760 g., and a not too high price environment to the 360. Its main features are:-System operating Android 2.2 Froyo 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen. -1 GHz processor: Nvidia Tegra 250 – internal memory of 16 Gb – Wifi – Bluetooth – screen resolution of 1. 024 600 pixels – HDMI output – front camera of 1.3 megapixel – support for HD video playback. -SD card reader. The road is open and we are starting it, one after the other will be leaving new tablet models, and there will be that evaluate its new features, which, undoubtedly, should lead us to greater functionality and lightness.