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Launched on October 1, 2009. The new design protection Portal DesignProtection.com the Designklau feeds a latch. Brandenburg: The design protection Portal Designprotection.com the Designklau feeds a latch. Many writers such as Toshiba offer more in-depth analysis. Designs for 3 years with a free copyright can be backed up on the same site, as long as the design is new, unique and may be published. How does the design protection? Through the publication, the designer receives proof of revelation. At any time, with this document, he can prove when, where, and to what extent a defined design has been published. This is the prerequisite for protection by the non-registered Community designs”. Isearch may not feel the same. This copyright protects the design throughout the European Union against counterfeiting.

PriorMart AG from Brandenburg an der Havel for the first time offers a publication service optimized for this copyright free. Every designer in the world can a European guaranteed protection right by the disclosure of a design within a few minutes gain. The disclosure document receive convenient email the designer. For the designer, the design protection means protection against plagiarists. The same this also applies to the buyer of a design, benefits from the design protection.

Also, the Central publication on Designprotection.com offers the chance to get an overview of protected and existing designs quickly and easily. This facilitates the work of designers and prevents accidental double developments. About the company, DesignProtection.com is a service of PriorMart AG. PriorMart AG specializes in the development of useful services for the improvement and simplification of the plant protection ‘ for creative. In 2006, PriorMart launched the first online service for notarial deposit of digital works in the German market. Using notary priorities copyright their authorship in dispute have easier – an important element in the defence and deterrence of plagiarists. With the introduction of the free design protection Portal Designprotection.com complements its range now to a further protection service optimized specifically for designers, PriorMart. Design protection Portal de.designprotection.com about the copyright oami.europa.eu/ows/rw/pages/legalNotices.de.do contact Peter shilling (founder + Board) profiles/dhirendrakumarsaha phone: +49(0)3381-2690660 mail: PriorMart AG, Geschwister-Scholl-str. 10, 14776 Brandenburg, Germany de