Future Development

Mining machinery industry, as an important part of China s machinery manufacturing industry, also shoulder the major responsibility to supply mainstream equipment to support the national economy. It reflects the level of development of the country s industrialization. With the development of economic globalization, the development direction of domestic mining machinery industry also leaning to intelligent, pleasant, digital and large-scale. Currently, some problems exist in the development of mining machinery industry, which is restricted by the factors that the overall strength is not strong, the technological base is relatively weak, and product quality and technology. Therefore, to speed up the integration and develop high-end products through independent innovation is the best way to adapt to the current economic development pattern, which is the development focus of the domestic mining machinery in the future. Firstly, the system of mining machinery industry is huge, when emphasizing on the innovation and research, it is necessary to focus on the improvement of technology level. In the machinery manufacturing industry, the enterprises You should locate their own position well, be awareness of corporate characteristics and cultural ideas, establish their own brand image and strengthen the brand effect and a sense of crisis. Mining machinery industry should also not expand the production blindly, regard technological innovation as the heart of the concept, focus on the development of the high-end crusher equipment (cone crushers, hammer crusher) industry with competitiveness, strengthen the integration of science and technology, and enhance the efficiency of comprehensive usage. Secondly, the future development space of the mining machinery industry is vast. To strengthen the investment in research and the training of personnel to prepare for the development of high-tech industry in the future. Vigorously implementing the scientific equipment with independent intellectual property rights and promoting the construction of equipment industrial base to lay a solid foundation for the path of international development.