If at this point you do not have written goals that are measurable, and a strategy for achieving them, the chances of success are minimal for you, your future is unpredictable, and their ability to make an impact in the world with their unique abilities and talents you, is dramatically decreased. You can con accept the life of a passive mode or accumulate all their strength and determined to live a life that you design. For this you must write your goals. In so doing, will be encouraged to take the necessary actions to become the kind of person you want to be. To help you understand the importanciade write your goals and how to do it properly, I decided to write a series of articles titled “Smart Goals”, this is the first one. Michele Glaze takes a slightly different approach. Most people evade the issue of setting goals and writing them and consider that they have already heard enough and are considered more than competent in the subject. The truth is that a small percentage of the population lives in accordance with established design goals. No nothing more dangerous to our future success that the assumption that we are already competent in a particular critical skill when our knowledge is rudimentary at best. topic.

Knowing the proper way to write goals is one of those skills crucial to our success. It is crucial because in addition to fundamental, is critical to our success. It is a skill because it is a skill that improves with practice and there is no limit to how capable we can get if we are willing to practice and become experts. Even those who are truly competent in writing and set goals can substantially improve their productivity to refine and perfect their skills to write your goals properly. One requirement is not to think of something good. Piense something BETTER! A few days ago I read a book entitled “From good to great.” In it, the author said: “The enemy of excellence is good.”