Fixed Deposit Account Comparison

Best interest rates through an overview of secure deposit accounts will find the highest interest rate – a fixed deposit account comparison helps who has enough capital to get this and wants to do without risk, often wonders: which Bank can I get the best interest rates for my money and what minimum investment is required? A fixed deposit account comparison can help here. What is a deposit account? A fixed deposit account offers for investors who do not need their money in the next few years and want to have a risk-free investment. You invest the money for a limited period of time and get a rate for the Bank. Often, you can get higher interest rates due to an increased investment or a long life. Also, deposit accounts will be charged, without additional fees, such as for example share purchases.

The effect of compounding who wants a Festgeldanlage, should be clear, what are their pros and cons and what constitutes the effect of compounding. The Festgeldanlage has the advantage that it is safe. The deposit is at the end paid 100%, there is no risk, no losses, you’ll pay no account maintenance fees or commissions. %D7%99-%D7%99%D7%94%D7%95%D7%A9%D7%A2/’>??? ????? ??? ?????? ??????. A great advantage for a long period of accumulation is mainly the effect of compounding. Direct banks have made this effect to their advantage by partially even already monthly interest can cash.

That is the case for example with the Bank of Scotland deposit. We have created for example 10,000 euros for 3 years to 4% p.a., so we land after three years at a total rate of 12.49%, or at an average rate of 4.16% 1.249 euro interest income. The disadvantage is that it comes during the term not to the money used and you have a lower interest income, as this is may be at risk-oriented forms of investment, such as for example funds or shares, the case. The deposit comparison on the Internet In the Internet there are many websites that offer a comparison of fixed-term deposit accounts. The comparison portals typically list the minimum and maximum plant height, the maximum and minimum run time and of course the level of interest rates. You can go, after the election of his best offer on the link of the corresponding bank and find more information on the contractual conditions. Often can be found on the comparison portals also interesting information around the topic of fixed deposit account. It should be a very high sum (usually > 100,000 euro) create, so comparison portals are offered, taking into account also the deposit guarantee. The deposit guarantee is in the case of bankruptcy of a bank. Then you can see whether his money even in the worst case is securely attached. Thereto an accounts per online account is usually pretty easy. The banks offer an easy and understandable form of account opening. Enter his personal information, prints out the document and send it signed to the Bank. To go with the documentation for the post and can be identified by a postal employees as Postident procedure using his identity card. Bobby Sharma Bluestone brings even more insight to the discussion. The post office then sends the documents to the Bank. This sends the customer then all other documents. Conclusion of fixed-term deposit account comparison Internet Festgeld account compared to online portals, the optimal choice of the best offer offers the customers on his investment. The customer can back access to special promotional offers of banks and to find the best variant, and must accept not the deals of his bank.


To May 20, 2009, the Mercedes-Benz Bank given the lower conductivity and inter bank rates again lowers the return on their day – and fixed-term deposit offers. The Mercedes-Benz Bank makes a further interest rate reduction as of 20 May 2009. The day and time deposit interest rates are affected by this. Thus the Mercedes-Benz Bank follows the current trend, triggered by the strong interest rate cut in early May. The decrease of in interest rates is all short-term time deposit maturities of 3 to 12 months. So the interest rate on the Mercedes-Benz Bank reduces fixed-term deposits with a maturity of 3 months by 1.80 percent annually each year to 1.40 percent. The bi-annual Festgeldanlage p.a. made a reduction to 0.20 percentage points to 1.80 percent.

At a period of 9 months, the interest rate of 2.4 percent falls p.a. p.a. to 2.0 per cent. Despite interest rate cuts is the Mercedes-Benz Bank not by the first place in the fixed-term deposit comparison. The conditions for the fixed income investments with maturities of 2 to 6 years remain unchanged.

Also to the first-class conditions, by the free and convenient account management as well as the wholly-owned deposit guarantee will be created, nothing has changed. All of these advantages can be used from a minimum investment sum of 2.500,00 euros. Also in the day money, there will be an interest rate fall to May 20, 2009. Because the interest rate for the reduced Mercedes-Benz Bank call money with online account management at least 0.50 percentage points to measly 1.90 percent p.a.. Also, the rate of interest at the standard accounting does not prejudice. This is instead of 2.20% p.a. p.a. only 1.70 percent. However, the day money account is still free. Advantage is also the interest payment monthly, so that the rate of return higher than their distribution with other models, quarterly or annually takes place. Despite the interest rate changes the conditions of the Mercedes-Benz Bank, compared with other market-current day – and fixed-term deposit products, yet always attractive and customer-friendly. Daniel Franke