Web Site Visitor

The design of your web site, just as it should be unique in its style, not copied from competition, focus your design on your product at your service to your brand, using the colors of your logo, keep your corporate image. Some designs are focused on content very colorful graphics, these should maintain a balance with the content of your web page, what we really want is to know through the content, the advantages benefits and benefits of what we are offering on our web page and not the visitor to say Oh! What a beautiful picture! or that such an excellent design! here in this case practically the visitor was not oriented in the content or the offer of your web page, if not in the same design, and finished placing the web master so that it develops a web site like yours, does this mean, that we must not distract attention from the visitor with very sophisticated designs, clear this will depend on the commercial nature being promoted through this web site. The most recommended is develop a web site with a sober design, according to the content images, and make it easy to navigate the visitor so unable to generate interest in the content and not to abandon our website in 30 second. Remember: Determine your target audience, to convert visitors to prospects must capture their data, have a sober and easy navigation with content not so sophisticated web structure of diverted the attention of the visitor. The front page or home page, it is the front page of its web site, is like the cover of a magazine that only gives the owners of the content, try to simplify the information contained only highlight information and screenshots of the content more relevant is website, especially that which specifically oriented to publicize products or services stars who want to commercializeNOT! Place the information products or services line, a front page full of information about scares away visitors, imagine being in a business that the room is 20 square meters and the owner has demanded 500 products in its showcase, ask yourself could view in detail at first option that you want, probably nothing, and perhaps the product or article that you are looking for is in this mess but by does not make this clear, I withdraw that showcase and went to trade of next door who exhibited only a few products, including of interestyou just observed him, asks some additional information required and buys it, because in the same way it happens with your web site, not bored or saturate information your front page do not his visitor to migrate to another website from the search listings. .