Already in March this year, will premiere a new Clash of the Titans. Filmmaking is not just preferred the mythology of ancient Greece. On his behalf there are many good films like “Troy” (2004), “300” and others. Louis Leterrier, a longtime friend of Luc Besson, he decided to withdraw the new film “Clash of the Titans” in order to pursue his career. But – “continue” is not very precise definition, since this film is a remake of the same name Lawrence movie ‘Oliver’, released in the 1981st. The film “Clash of the Titans” is based on an ancient myth about the famous hero, whose name Perseus.

Feats, such as the victory over the Gorgon Medusa and the monster most talked about Persia. Pete Cashmore has firm opinions on the matter. However, for this victory Perseus was able to offer a hand and heart of Andromeda. Moreover, there are no giants, despite the name, the film is not, since, following the ancient Greek myth, a generation of Greek gods, was enchanted by Zeus in Tartarus, much earlier than the Perseus was born. But we will see repeated participation of members of the ancient pantheon of movie plot, such as Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Painting on the advertising poster of Perseus with the severed head of Medusa in his snap, like, leaves no doubt that with anyone character in this movie probably will have to fight. Passing through unknown lands and restricted to people worlds, the hero will win a lot of enemies, and realize their divine essence. Nevertheless, even before the movie heroes of historical myths were organized in groups and not only in the movies. For example, the “Argonauts” was a similar case.

However, the plot of Percy will need to lead a team mighty heroes to fight the machinations of the god Hades, which seeks to take away power from its parent (Zeus). By the way, we promise that with the latest computer technology, Medusa will appear before audiences throughout the his “glory.” She looks great. This film is reminiscent of today’s comics. For example, the plot of “special forces team” who are resisting the mighty evil. The cost of the movie “Clash of the Titans” today is estimated very well, he amounts to $ 80 million. I wonder if I can European director to implement the new theme? In the history of cinema is only a couple of high-quality films, the most famous – thriller (“The Transporter 2”) and comic The Incredible Hulk. Critics and audiences did not unanimously appreciated. However, as learned later, many scenes from the film at the request of the founders, resulting in what could be a quality psychological thriller was active, but not unique (with the considerations of drama the protagonist) fighter. Sure, the movie “Clash of the Titans’ gives filmmakers a great opportunity to show themselves creatively. However, it would be nice to the atmosphere of the ancient Greek myths in the movie “Clash of the Titans” was all – still preserved. Surely, you all remember the movie 300 spartatsev, who withdrew on comics Lynn Varley. Of course, comics are not very believable, and the movie, which took off from coming into contact with Ancient history.