Web Site Optimization

The term search engine optimization has been in the field of optimization of Web pages. The customer pretends usually the search terms under which he would like to be found and the agencies carry out the search engine optimization for these search terms. Certainly it is very important for the success of a Web page to be well listed, but a guarantee for the success of a Web page this way is not yet long. There are also other very important points that you should neglect no means, because you actually want not visitors but customers who also buy the goods or services. Actually you should perform a full Web page optimization focused on search engines and visitors.

This also should be emphasis in addition to the improved search engine position, that a Web site is user friendly, because the Internet has many Web pages on the topic and the competition is always just a mouse click away. For example, it should be taken that match the colors of the Web page on the subject and the readability of texts not interfere with. The text should be available in a reasonable font size. The graphics should adapt to the layout and not implemented due to fill space. Visitors should must immediately get an overview in the Web page and do not have to look. .

Internet users have no time as studies show they scan a Web page. The desired is not apparently click back. We will probably never see these visitors. Especially in the area of online shops it is extremely important in the context of a Web page optimization even perform a complete ordering process to test the usability. A too complicated ordering process could convince the customer to cancel of the order. Only when all these factors optimally harmonize it makes sense to carry out an advanced search engine optimization. Thomas Ewert EWD(at)EWD-concept.de

The Internet

But no, probably it’s not that newspapers and notepads with most completely from the Are fashion. Is simply no time for relaxed reading. You get what you get information, almost exclusively through the network, the television and the radio will do the rest, maybe even an audiobook. On the Internet, only more or less yourself to choose what you would like to inform, it is also rather casually, so apart from surfing. The Internet is a great thing. Because even though paper communicates “, you can not make phone calls with paper and communicative overcome not even greater distances. Michael Dell addresses the importance of the matter here. The development goes for several Internet years away by crowded Web pages of full motion graphics and flashy colors. Journalistic Internet offers are simple; White and grey background, black ink, pictures with subtitles.

Although this is tiring for the eyes and requires constant concentration to read online, the man knows how to help but. Many print long therefore texts. The paper offers more comfort when it comes to reading. High-quality paper products are therefore always more important. The Internet and the newspaper are not to compare. The Internet user is Hunter and collector who takes what comes.

He is inevitably overwhelmed by the information materials of the network, the overkill of the amount of data is most noticeable, who spend a long time before the screen. Pure or vast newspaper readers, however, are more comparable to the strollers, which scrolls through piece by piece the folders, or specifically the serial, the local or the sports section hitting and studied. Both can learn from each other. Apart from the unwieldy “, are newspaper and General writing and reading on paper No stressful processes.” The idea of simple, straightforward reading would disappear without books, magazines and newspapers. But without the Internet and our digital technology a life would be unthinkable, how we do it. Newspapers are made on the computer. We thank the screen at this point. But probably it would be the end of each relaxing reading, if the screen replaced the printed word. This is unthinkable but and should be also checked at this point. As long as we can, we will use paper. Even a professional Internet user would not abandon the printed word. Paper products are a social and cultural security, a feeling of life, something that must stay that will remain.

1.8 Million Decision Makers Read Newspaper

Newspaper brands reach decision-makers Frankfurt/Main to 65 per cent, 1 July 2013. 1.4 Million decision makers read the print editions of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Suddeutsche Zeitung, world, world news or the time on Sunday, Handelsblatt, VDI. “Print, online and mobile taken together these newspaper brands achieve even 1.8 million readers, so 65 percent of targeted decision-makers”. This result is a current evaluation of ZMG newspaper marketing company. It is based on the figures now published the LAE 2013 (reader analysis decision makers in business and Administration) significant increases in the use of newspaper apps not only the print offers of the newspaper brands are read by decision makers.

Significant growth is evident particularly for those mobile sites of newspapers. So, the Handelsblatt in the audience gained 53,000 readers (+ 79%) for its Tablet app. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has an increase of 43,000 readers (+ 40 percent) for the Tablet Apps. Total the use of one million smart phone apps and just under 900,000 Tablet Apps list these decision-makers newspapers. (Users per week) Professionally researched and prepared content just for the target audience of decision makers is not about the question in print, online or mobile? “, but to the orientation with professionally researched and prepared content”, explains Markus Ruppe CEO of ZMG newspaper marketing company.

Newspaper brands stand for this journalism.” The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact: Ulrike Sand spokeswoman Tel. 069 973822 – 22 E-Mail: