Design Page

Another important point is that if we already complicamos navigation, at least we should be very clear in the destinations of each link. Put titles as learn rather than News can be confusing to the user of the website. The ideal recipe, if it is that there is such a thing, it would be to start by ensuring us through a brief and clear text that reassures the user that it is on the indicated page, for example, if you sell pet, make it clear to your potential customer is in a site that is dedicated to sell pets, so that at least feel that you are in the right place and has a little more than willingness to use its super original web page. Robotics experts opinions are not widely known. Another key factor that we must bear in mind always the design of web pages is that users do not read, scanned pages, this forces us to choose, as mentioned previously, descriptive titles. Another practical example. If you decided that your page navigation will not be structured, but scattered throughout the site, then at least structured hierarchy.

Put the center of the page links that most probably his client would be seeking generally would be products and/or services. Yes manages to convince the user to buy him the be responsible for reaching the contact section, but try not complicar you so much. It is always better treated than the design of pages web follow certain conventions, which is not fought with originality, to try to innovate in terms of design. Remember you what is trying to do is sell your products or services and communicate its benefits, not trying to win a contest of originality. We read us soon.