CCD Digital

(Or 3.3 M pixels), the price less than $ 300). Focal length – the distance traveled by the ray is refracted through the lens to the point on the ccd (or CCD) matrix. The smaller the focal length, the greater the angle of shooting, ie, greater 'coverage' of the space in the received frame. Many models of digital cameras have a zoom (magnification), allowing pictures of distant objects. zoom (zoom) is digital (increased by interpolation and extrapolation) and optical (an increase by a system lenses), naturally, an optical digital zoom preferable. Focal length of digital cameras is presented in terms of the standard film frame is 24×36 mm, obtained by conventional cameras with a minimum focal distance of 35 mm.

Example: Digital Camera ROVERshot RS-4110Z, cost about 270 usd, 3 x optical zoom and 2 x digital zoom. Viewfinder: its main function, pointing the camera at the subject. In the viewfinder (it comes in two types: optical and LCD-display) can be displayed some shooting parameters, distance to the subject, the shutter speed, aperture, and others. When shooting at close range in the viewfinder shows the image does not coincide with that which sees lens (the phenomenon of parallax). In such cases it is better to use as a viewfinder, LCD-display, as the image on the display corresponds to the fact that the 'delayed' in the matrix. There is a class of cameras, which no parallax slr Camera (they have an image falls into the optical viewfinder through the lens), they are designated: slr (Single Lens Reflect-SLR camera).