Value Judgements

To exit this state of apathy towards our environment, we could accept going home with friends, or attend the party that we invited. Exit back we may have lost the spark that could get us out of the routine, and wake up. Stir the water, this time it will be very beneficial routine process what we’re missing? Why do not we go out and enjoy? – Libra – Play week we have above all, in our activity, not only the mind but the body also. So this week we are beaten, we feel it in the body, and it hurts. Peter Asaro has many thoughts on the issue. We urgently need a break. We could begin to take things a little more lightly, not everything has to be turned out yesterday. Venture to take, for a moment, life with a playful attitude will make us an aura that allows us to introduce a more vital, and evaporate the possibility of a more tired than if we truly hard to recover.

Why I have to solve everything at once? Why I fear the quiet? – Aquarium – Reveal The past week has left us begging. Sometimes we become beggars in our destination, where our actions have been trapped, injured in an arid desert. We are listening to words institutionalized support us out of this situation feeling of total helplessness, but they do not arrive. We move on, and that we continue to cry we rebelled against the need to be all the time remaining socially approved loudly about what we do. We should accept ourselves as we and our truth.

What I can not accept me? What are the value judgments that beggar? Why do I need the “blessing” of a reference to what I feel? – Aries – Cure We are used to cover those processes that are painful, it causes us very distressing periods. We refuse to accept things as they are, and thus to check. Always everything should be fine, and that is very expensive. But this time, if we have slowly, very slowly to review what we can surely cure it hurts us, everything will evaporate. This openness to the healing of wounds go deep, people approach us with the needed moderation to help us in this delicate moment. What am I covering? Why I can not face the pain? – Leo – Stop times of extreme demand and balance make this week, we are ready to download so sudden acceleration. For this reason, we are willing to do the minimum and necessary, yes we will do everything intensely as we do. This energy will attract to us people who are also eager for a little peace. But be careful because so many facts can leave peacefully ashes somewhere. What we really need to put energy? How do we stop? – Sagittarius – other: Will the hero of your story?