Border Protection

You can not carry liquids (even toilet water). With some water bottle, bought in no Duty Free, you are also not allowed. Therefore, in carry-on baggage – at least things are in Pack your bags, otherwise have to throw away your favorite perfume or nail right on the set of customs inspection. There is no exception. Hooray! You are on the plane! Good luck to you takeoff and soft landing, as they say! In addition to food and beverages, which are already included in the the cost of your ticket, you get on the plane to fill the Form I-94 and customs declaration. Take the time to calmly and correctly fill in the two documents, because without them you will not be allowed to enter America. Nothing complicated This is not, just read the following instructions.

Make sure all the necessary documents you have with them in hand luggage. Upon arrival in the United States you must present your passport with a visa, form DS-2019, I-94 and customs return (both issued and filled in an airplane), have near your Job Offer and pens (blue or black pen). Do not check documents in the luggage, because if it is delayed, or worse – lost, you just can not go to the United States. If the filling I-94 or the customs declaration calls you have any questions, feel free to feel free to contact for help to the staff of the aircraft. Help you – it's their job. In fact, all simple: I – 94 states Your personal information (name, date of birth, sex), number of passport, country and city your permanent residence, the date when and where it was issued by US visa. We draw your attention to paragraphs 12-13: Here you must specify the address to which you intend to reside in the United States. US Customs and Border Protection (Customs declaration is the same) all the same information, plus a neat ticks or crosses are put down in front of the allegations that you do not need to travel with meat, vegetables or fruits, insects, or other objects can potentially harm the country (after all, does not carry the same!).

In paragraph 15, where Visitors, you are, that is, conventionally, you enter the amount for which you are carrying something that will remain in the US. Simply put – it presents, and here you have them conditionally estimate in monetary terms. As gifts worth more than $ 100 duty-free, as discussed in Section Customs control: what can and can not be imported into the United States, Bring gifts for less money, and evaluate their respectively. On the reverse side of the form "gift list" – and write "two dolls for $ 5." All fit legibly, in English, of course. Good luck!

Double Pad

Price here changeable and I would say capricious. Sometimes the price difference is striking,. Quality average, but acceptable. Alexika EXPERT Life-mat, designed for long-term travel with a false route, such as climbing, hiking and any other adventure tourism. Designed for the off-season and winter. Sufficiently light and compact. Himself stresses the anatomical shape of rug back consists of a polyurethane foam with the shape in the form of rhombs.

The bottom is sealed over. It weighs 700g. Size – 180 50h2, 7 cm Folded – 18 62 cm It is within 2,000 rubles. Pros: – inexpensive – easy – holds and retains heat – enough Lightweight – compact Cons: – the valve fragile – the surface may be damaged as a result he will miss the air – the air slowly descends Opinion: alternative replacement pad – “Penke.” It is good in principle, but poorly withstand the load, especially if severe enough man. To wear no proof, however, it is not enough for several seasons. Learn more on the subject from Viacom. Weakest point – the valve. The cost is very reasonable. Alexika COMFORT PLUS Series plus comfort different in that they are made on the basis of orthopedic mattresses.

The thickness of the mat 10 cm, has a check valve for faster and more comfortable blowing. Carpet manufacture of polyurethane foam, the front side covered with velvet cloth, and the reverse a sealed and equipped with anti-slide coating. Valves themselves are made of brass with a plastic coating. As there is an additional strap that allows you to combine two sleeping bags, turning it into a double mat. It weighs 3.4 g. The dimensions – 198 70h10 cm Folded – 27 82 cm It is within 4,000 rubles. Pros: – Double Pad – included in it is remnabor – two valve – comfortable – good enough accumulates and retains heat Cons: – the valve is plastic – heavy – pricey – weak valves Opinion: Large and quite practical mat, which is suitable for tour trips of varying difficulty. It feels quite comfortable and cozy. True valves rather weak, especially one that is used for blowing, as it is completely plastic. This is the weakness of his. In general, it is not bad, but it would be kind of money for something better. And finally like to say that there is no single opinion on what kind of mat is better. Someone will tell you that the self-inflating mats are bad because they periodically go down, do not hold forms, their valves are not reliable and he will prefer such mats usual “scum.” Again, after all it depends on how a mat and a firm “met” this person. It is also almost any rug is calculated for certain categories (camping, to extreme sport) and season (autumn – winter, spring – summer). But our resourceful and restless Russian minds to find creative use for the same “foams”, using them as fanned to a fire that can not be done, with self-inflating mat for yourself. Whatever your choice, it depends on your portebnoste, tastes, preferences and character. I wish you really make your the right choice.