The Companies Are Demanding A New Professional

Nothing is permanent except change. Heraclitus. The current trade scenarios are characterized by a very aggressive competitiveness where those companies that has been prepared for this purpose, since the modern technology required, up to the training of a human resource with updated knowledge according to the present demands of consumers demand come out successful. Since then, require proactive, creative, innovative, professional strategists, visionaries capable give step to programmes, action plans, strategies that favor him in his actions, performance. In an interesting writing thereon Sonia Jordao in Portal Qualidade Brazil, he says, that cannot be ignored that the present gives a great magnitude and speed of the changes around the world, which has resulted in a dramatic impact on people and their places of work in recent times. And the future threatens us with one acceleration even greater in terms of innovation, technology and globalization.Since then, he says, When there is a time of profound change, knowledge expands. It should not be forgotten, he says, that a major transformation in recent times came out of an economy based on industries to enter into an information-based economy.

Currently the amount of available knowledge is immense, it is necessary to know how to select what they must learn and where to invest our time for our intellectual and professional growth. We must strive to improve our flexibility, speed and quality of work performed and also give importance to productivity. This is because organizations know that customers not only demand that products and services are faster and with impeccable quality, but they also want the products and services are not expensive. Organizations need positive results. Everything has changed, is changing and will change in the future with more and more quickly. In addition to what is happening in organizations, there are also changes in how we interact with the people, in the way how we look for a long, healthy and happy life.