The Formation

Methodology the research was carried through of form qualitative, leaving of bibliographical research that carefully had been selected and had given the theoretical basement for this thematic one. Consideraes final We can learn in all the phases and situations that we live. We can extract information or experiences through readings, people, courses, seminaries, that can help to extend our knowledge, to confirm others and to incorporate other points of view. As professors worried and dedicated to the preparation and I continue perfectioning of the professionals who will be giving lessons with the intention of a pleasant and efficient performance of the teach-learning of the English language, we conclude that it is factor of extreme relevance to not only acquire knowledge the professor of English language of the importance of the technology use, as resource in the process education learning, as well as as and when the same ones will be applied (the planned variation of the used technological resources), that they will have to be added a critical position how much its paper before the society as true educator, as well as the responsibility as citizen who is participating of the formation of professors. In this universe of resources and possibilities to be used in classrooms, he is significant and challenging to know to diversify, to adapt themselves whenever continuously necessary. The professor whom she knows to use the factor surprise, for a constant variation of activities in classroom, will have pupils attracted by the expectation of what she will happen in its lessons. Moran (2001, p.31) advises in them to vary the forms to give lessons. To vary the used form to give lesson, techniques in classroom and it are of it, the requested activities, the dynamic proposals, the evaluation process. The previsibility of what the professor goes to make can become an unsurmountable obstacle. The repetition can become insuportvel, not to be that the quality of the professor compensates the standardized project to teach.