The Number One In The Head Of His Target Audience

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online easily assess who wants to survive and grow in the market must offer differences and clearly put this out, says Dr. Martin Barzel, Managing Director of the IMMOBILIENWERT24 service. In every city, there are many providers of services and goods, which will not continue due to lack of expressiveness and whose only distinguishing feature is the low price often. Ruinous price war is a better option than running a ruinous price war with its competitors, is to create a clear customer benefit and communicate them clearly to the market. Who is active in the real estate industry, comes across a wide range, which differs from the competition, often barely. About the price leadership as a differentiator in duration is to hold out for company. The entry price of products leaving the market, sooner or later usually a competitor takes over the vacant space, to gain market share also on the price. Often comes to him after a short time a similar fate as its predecessor. A better strategy is to assert themselves with a reliable value proposition to the market and to be perceived as an expert for a product or service claim in the market. A solid way to achieve this in a reasonable time is a strategic partnership. Strategic partnership through Division of labor, as well as reliable performance of awareness of a brand, promises and customer benefits have to create alliances that ensure a survival in the market and further growth. The ability to cooperate determines more and more about opportunities in the market. Ideal combination offers an ideal combination of marketing, trademarks, self-service, rating system and customer benefits the adoption of urban-related real estate assessment portal by a local license partner. A division of labour is data entry to the object by the customer, as well as simultaneously providing of location-based real estate values by the marketing measures carried out by the licensees, System provider IMMOBILIENWERT24, achieved. Reliable performance promise reliable service promise real estate online rate”is introduced in the market about the brand Dr. Barzel method. A distinctive brand promise as a unique selling proposition is recognized by customers as benefits and accepted. With the proven method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation and the clear performance promise real estate online rate”, the licensee of city-related real estate assessment Portal features a brand-based distinction. Perception and demand results in an appropriate positioning of the offer the desired perception and demand by customers. An exposed position of the offer on the spot, prevents price war with competitors, as well as lack of interest in demand license partner. Vacant sites of the provider Immobilienwert24 provides locations such as E.g. Bremen, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart and Wiesbaden, license partners, City-related real estate evaluation portals available. Licensees have the right under the brand to market Dr. Barzel, real estate reviews of the service IMMOBILIENWERT24 method. With the promise of reliable performance, real estate online rate”and Dr. Barzel method can the distinctive brand of license partners gain an expandable business perspective. More information can be found under: license partner