United States

In the United States they have been reported around 3 million foreign abductions and more than 10 million sightings. 80% of the stories detail identical descriptions. Independent investigators of ufologa and scientists agree in the following thing: They exist more than 150 races of beings of another planet. Scientists and astronomers assure that the universe has million galaxies. Different Solar System and million planets can be lived by intelligent beings? The aviation technology that uses the extraterrestrial ones is more outpost than the one of us. The ufos move very instantaneously from a place to another one and without emitting sound. The known races more are the Gray calls and the Reptilianos.

Many of the people who have had experiences with beings of another planet describe these two races in the same way? Tens of different types from foreign ships exist. Although the majority of the sightings is of objects metallic type disc also report ships with different forms geometric. The most known they are of triangular form, trapezoid and cylinders. The ships can submerge in the water. Thousands of sightings describe the form in which the objects submerge in the sea and the rivers with facility. The majority of the abductions of the extraterrestrial beings is with biological aims.

Thousands of cases have been reported in which to the people fluids of the body are extracted to him such as it bleeds and semen. The foreign ones realise different types from experiments with the humans. The majority of the sightings is in countryside. More sightings in forests and zones of much vegetation and fauna are reported. The radiation that produces to emanate these objects is dangerous the human being. Many of the people who have had these encounter have undergone serious burns and indirect effect due to the radiation. Many of the sightings indicate that the ships been have suspended by space of up to 45 minutes in a same place. Each cycle of 12 years reports a big wave of sightings world-wide. In all the parts of the world people report to see ufos or to have experiences with these beings. Professor Diana Ricart original Author and source of the article