Upper World

Large oval associated with the symbol of the forthcoming incarnation. Very similar "to create the image and likeness", the device (not just in the sense of "structure") of the Earth and the unit of the human body – are similar. "I" Traditional meaning: and. "The combined balance", the spiritual experiences of each incarnation of man is always "balanced" material, ie, in each incarnation the physical human body as suitable for the needs of spiritual development. "HE" The traditional meaning: together, together, as well. The terms of combining financial and triangle (a control), spiritual. All of the material world is subject to a variety of spiritual laws (it is only part in the overall structure) "Derbe" The traditional meaning: the tree (?). If we consider the U as meaning the incarnation, we see that translating the presence of mind (consciousness) without prior incarnation of the spirit: the manifestation of the world minerals, flora and fauna, a stage of evolution of the soul.

"Kako" The traditional meaning: as. The sign "three dimensional", it is reminiscent of the rune "Kaun", denoting the knowledge and skills that actually can see, the spiritual human manifestation of this is determined by compliance with the law of the Upper World, on the one hand, and the behavior of the material world, on the other hand, in the past. But the spirit of man is the connecting link between the material world and the world higher laws. "PEOPLE" The traditional meaning: the people. We see a sign of "good", only the horizontal line connected embodiment of the "material – a manifestation of this (the need to exercise their spiritual development in the material world).