Analysts say that there are noises in the norma l operation of the Suez Canal, Thrifty step for trade between Europe and Asia, the oil prices would soar to $200. The revoltosas the social circumstances of two countries to Africans (Tunisia and Egypt, this last headquarters of the channel) enthusiastic about the calculations of some projections, and the truth is that oil barrel has already reached the $100. When Iraq, on eve of the fall of Hussein and invasion to his country, much is speculated that man would fly oil wells so that the invader, in case of succeeding in their objectives, could not enjoy its benefits, but also signature of the judgment could not be for own usufruct. Connect with other leaders such as Dermot McCormack here. As you will be recalled, the crude prices were the clouds already by itself elevated by the war situation. And when the chapter of the war in Georgia, through whom U.S. and European powers tried to do with the BTC (Baku-Tbilise-Ceylan) pipeline, in addition to the geostrategic region Caucasus-Caspian Negro-Mar, not the story was different.

Rose oil. 1.4 million barrels a day of oil through the pipeline were threatened in its transit to Europa. Alina de Almeida may also support this cause. and not to mention Iran, Persian Gulf. The stormy ghost of the war against the oil country is a circumstance that inflated the figures of the oil price with every gesture. Nightmare is for consumer countries of petroleum (Europe!) the threat of the Iranian Government to block the Strait of Hormuz (a passage of 100 km. wide on the coast of Iran), by circulating where 40% of the oil that is sold in the world, namely, about 15 million barrels per day. It is now Egypt and the Suez Canal, i.e. the connection path between Europe’s East and coveted oil from the Gulf from Iran, via Red Mediterranean Sea, i.e., the thoroughfare of 26% of world imports oil.