Walls Tones

Work starts well in a kind of dollhouse effect. the relative decrease of items all around at once begins to seem more. By the way, many miniature toilets and bidets seem even more comfortable than the standard. Which, certainly not true of a small sink or tub. Actual pendant plumbing, as it unloads visual space, as well as plumbing such as ‘two in one’, for example, tandem shower and bath. Walls Walls, perhaps, play most important role in increasing the visual space of a bathroom. In the small area the premises can not use ceramic tiles and other types of coatings of dark tones, especially in combination with large decors and wide border. Tile should be bright clean tones.

It was long thought that for a small space more relevant ceramics in large formats. Nevertheless, experience shows that mosaic makes a small room visually larger. Give the desired effect of depth ceramic tile and bright finish, deep tones and shades in combination with small and unobtrusive decor, narrow borders, especially the placement is not horizontally and vertically. The only exceptions are pictures, even big in size, but only those that include the term: the landscapes, especially the sea, an imitation of the form of windows, sky and so on. View is not limited by them, but as it flies off into the distance. The latter achievement here are photographic mural. Ceiling Well, if you want to recline in a relaxed state of fragrant foam, not feeling the weight of a ceiling? The proven way – mirrored ceiling – a manifestation of high glamor.