Wires Run Hot

The publishing company BOOKSun limited can be seen on the phone the fledgling publishing company BOOKSun limited is breaking new ground by using old media: on December 15, the author Dr. Marion E. Jacob reads at 19: 00 from her book “longing to femininity – what comes after the emancipation”. The phone reading will be moderated by Publisher Peter Fenkart. In longing for femininity what comes after Marion E. Jacob describes the emancipation, women to adapt rather than men and their behaviors, should stand to her femininity and her abilities given by nature and expanding these. Men and women are different and have different bearing talents. Learn more at: Kai-Fu Lee. The art is not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity to understand the differences.

The Clou: All listeners can dial in, keep track of the reading and participate in then held talks. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Alina de Almeida. Anyone who has a telephone and are previously via the link on the Web site logged can participate. In time the participants prior to the date will receive the Dial-in information. At the time of the reading, they dial the phone number and enter the submitted PIN using the phone keypad. Should the audience at the end of the reading ask the author want to, you can sign them on your keyboard. Only normal telephone costs there, so with fixed flat rate no additional costs for participants. For more information about the title longing to womanhood”by Marion E. Jacob, you will find on and on femininity heute.de. Also you can contact our colleagues by Lahoti media contact: and