Germany Thermorollen

Bon roles are often referred to as a cash register rolls, however, this is only partly true, because Bon roles are the generic term for Thermorollen and rolls. The difference between Thermorollen and rolls in the used paper and printing technology. Thermorollen be printed as the name implies, heat, while regular Ribbons are used in rolls. The paper of the Thermorollen is thin and dissolve better. However, there are special Thermorollen, which clearly show still shopping, date, and other data in ten years. Apart from the other paper, note also the difference between the respective roles of Bon in the ink on the paper. Because the cash register rolls are print often colored, also printed in different colors, while the Thermorollen always in a black or grey. But what name the practical roles also wear, they are useful in more than one respect, and that in all stores.

If you have a bakery, a fashion boutique, a pharmacy, a Lead tool dealer, a deli, a discount store or a supermarket. At the moment, where you use a modern checkout, you need also the each matching Bon roles. Because the Bon roles provides you with control over the goods leaving your Einkaufslokalitaten while the customer has the overview of his shopping. Furthermore, the roles of Bon and the receipt printed out so are also important evidence for the lawful acquisition, for the control or the warranty. to buy a Bon roles in the Bon roles online shop, you can be sure that you get high-quality goods of quality.

Because the receipt rolls are manufactured exclusively in Germany, secures what supports also the domestic economy and jobs. Furthermore A dispensed with when producing for the Bon roles of the online shop completely on bisphenol. This substance, which is used especially in many Thermorollen, may result in damage to health. That’s why completely omitted the Bon roles online shop on bisphenol A in the production of Thermorollen, which positively affects not only the health but also the environment. But the Bon roles online shop much more offer, because of course you can get here not only the cash register rolls and Thermorollen in the shop, but also the corresponding ribbons for many different POS systems. Of course, the online shop for Bon roles makes hardware for you special roles and funds. So get everything that you need to have control of your goods, simple with just a few mouse clicks to the lowest terms and of course at any time of day or night. description of the company the company M + R POS paper specializes in Bon rolls, rolls and Thermorollen specialized and offers an extensive selection from an online store.