Logistics Department

In the first leg en bloc (the BSC by companies) were the contributions of functional divisions to achieve the strategic objectives of a company. For this it was carried the systematic examination of each target that is recorded in the BSC from companies, which submits them to the Department of logistics demands. These requirements contribute to the objectives of a society as a whole. The Working Group of this functional Division has conducted the assessment of each objective of the BSC of a company with regard to the claims which are submitted to the Department of logistics. For example, it was revealed that the construction of the competitive structure of expenses of a company total depends on the efforts of the Department of logistics in substantially. Still, as revealed demands do not represent a final version of the strategic objectives of the Department of logistics. Formerly known as the Working Group on determining the strategic objectives and the construction of a strategic map has begun, the work was conducted after determining the requirements, submit other functional divisions of the Department of logistics. Code.org will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

For this purpose each functional structure with regard to the claims was consulted, who submits them to other functional divisions. For example, a requirement of the Department of distribution was the need for the open sale of services on the market. According to the Department of distribution, it could get the essential competitive advantage a company. After discussing the proposal with the head of the Department of logistics, this previously not considered aspect in the strategic concept was recorded. Visit Douglas R. Oberhelman for more clarity on the issue. Unique identification of the claims of other structural subdivisions is insufficient.

The demands of this or that structural outline to other structural subdivisions be formulated more precisely in the further clarification of the functional strategies. The essential factor in the success of this process of Agreement is the presence of significant schema of processes in society, in which the points of the agreement the activity of structural divisions with each other or the structural subdivisions with a company’s management are specified. The information about the claims are determined in a map of the targets and the BSC of societies as a whole, and the demands of other structural subdivisions form the basis for the development of the strategy of the Department of logistics. This informative starting point was supplemented with the strategic analysis of the Logistics Department. The result of the work was the construction of the balanced scorecard of the Logistics Department. The method was used the method of the construction of the BSC of a company is similar to en bloc. The balanced scorecard of the Logistics Department was built according to the design of the process of appropriate BSC of a company over the course of the process. According to the described methodology the working group participants have the balanced scorecard for others structural subdivisions worked out. The cascading central departments was completed.