Madrid and the European Parliament

Action in Madrid, particularly relevant in view of the fact that shortly The European Parliament will decide whether a total ban on seal products in 27 countries in the block. Russian campaign against the Russian environmentalists harp seal fishery 'Do not beat lying! " held March 15 in Moscow at the Swamp area. Participants in the action brought with them posters and pictures depicting the seals and the demand to stop all hunting of the animal. At this event, the deputy head of Mitvol and tv presenter Michael Shirvindt. Note that in 2008, the International Fund for Animal Welfare has collected more than 300 thousand signatures against the seal hunt, and handed them to the mep, then the ministry has started work on a gradual prohibition of fishing. So, now already banned fishing whitecoats (seal pups at the age of one month), but animal welfare advocates a total ban on hunting of harp seals. Similar events were held in 20 Russian cities. Recall that in late February in force prepared Rosrybolovstvo 'Regulation of fishing for northern fisheries basin', which prohibit the production of females at rookeries and pups (Harp seal pups under two weeks) throughout the White Sea, as well as limit the duration of extraction seal pups older than two weeks (serok). Currently, a joint project engineering and technology center 'RDC' and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) will conduct satellite monitoring of the White Sea in order to detect the movement of ships and laid the navigable channels through the ice fields in the locations of harp seals that can help protect their populations.