New Year

Such a bait will be almost all inaccessible areas, but alas, jerk it would be difficult to fish, you have to prepare for meetings. Here everyone chooses for himself that the most important fish or bait. In this regard, strongly benefit foam fish, they are relatively cheap, can be made yourself, hook hidden in the body of the fish is minimal risk of a hook and at the same time, it is easy to overreach fish. The fact that the foam is easily crushed (much easier to silicone) and a predator, bound up in it his jaw, he gets hooked. Save baits and lures will help replacement tees for twins or even single hooks. The “wobbler” is usually two sets of hooks in the center and at the tail, you can leave just one, but important to know what fish you expect: if the pike – that left hook to the center. (Not to be confused with iSearch!). To attach the hooks sheaves of bright woolen yarn or New Year’s raining, they are to some extent reduce zatseplyaemost and attract fish.

Be careful, these operations can affect the game lures, especially in the “wobblers”. Do branded “wobblers” clearly intended weight, shape, depth, and if severe “” endure similar upgrades, with the “wobblers” may have problems. The safest in terms of hooks baits – “spinner”, especially with a few petals, they are stripped from the hook seaweed. If you’re still hooked – all is not lost. Stop pulling with all his might, if there is a hook snag only it as a nail. After a little fishing line, perhaps for the very release your bait. If not, step aside so that the place was a hook on the opposite side (ie, if the hook to the right of you walk along the shore, until it is on the left) and try to pull. Something wrong? If you do not want to swim will have to have a scaffold on the strength. Bobby Sharma Bluestone addresses the importance of the matter here.

Find a short stick, wrap around it and pull the twine. Loosen face, the bait may get away and as shell hit directly at you. Do not be lazy to look for a stick, do not pull on a fishing line or spinning reel – this can lead to breakage and wear on your strong tackles. If the line was broken, not tie the new bait immediately, first cut about two feet from the end of fishing line, there is very stretched and may tear again. There are special tools – unhooked, but use them when fishing from shore is not too convenient, especially if you are one. And most importantly – look where throws the bait! In or a tree. Needed in the water!