Usb Flash Drives

USB flash drive is a means of storing information based on NAND technology. Unlike floppy disks, such devices portable and recordable, as well as USB flash drives are much smaller than a floppy disk (2.5 to 6 cm) and weighing about 60 grams. Capacity USB drives from 64 MB to 64 GB. Some of these devices allow you to overwrite a million times and can store information of up to 10 years. Typically, USB flash drive connected to a computer with a USB connector, 1.1 or 2.0. In USB drives have the advantage over other portable storage media, particularly floppy disks. USB more compact, fast, and can carry more information, more reliable and strong. In addition, most computers are now available without a floppy drive.

Ports for USB, On the other hand, there are now almost any computer. Flash '>'> flash drive consists of a chip protected with plastic or rubber housing, so strong that it can carry in a pocket or a keychain. USB connector is usually protected by a cap. In order to begin work with a USB device must be connected to the USB port.