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If you hung your computer, it can also be due to overheating of memory module or a slow syncing process. May cause an overheating chips RAM, then you might consider purchasing a cooler to blow module memory. 5) Incorrect settings in the BIOS. The BIOS settings can not match the optimal configuration for your computer. In this case, you need to find out optimal values of BIOS, typing in the search string “name of the motherboard BIOS 6) The fragmentation of the disk. Fragmentation of the hard disk can greatly affect the speed of the system because of the separation between the contents of files different sectors of the hard disk. Very often, the fragmentation is due to the fact that the hard drive is full.

Recommended “clean it”, leaving only the desired information. You also need to download and run program-defragmenter. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. A good solution is to purchase an external hard drive. 7) Service of Windows. If you are running Windows, the default on your computers are turned on most of its services. Not all of them required for normal operation, but some of the processes due to this “slow down”. To determine which services are running, open an applet Services (Services) of the Administrative Tools menu. To do this, click on the My Computer shortcut (My Computer) and on the shortcut menu, click Manage (Manage). Read additional details here: Castle Harlan.

The information provided in the console “Services” has, among other parameters: name (Name), state (Status) and the startup type (Startup Type). For more information on this or that service can be obtained by double-clicking on the appropriate list item to open the service properties. 8) “Uncontrolled processes.” To perform the “uncontrolled” processes (runaway processes) require all the CPU cycles. Common causes these processes – it is: wrong prescription, and the drive letters assigned to the new operating system obsolete software. If you find such a process, click the right button and click “End Process (End Process). Uncontrolled system services can be stopped using the Services console (Services). If the console does not work, try restarting the system. In any case, if your computer has become a “hang on” too often, it is best to consult a specialist for professional advice.


Hence it naturally follows that the provision of information security in a general problem can be achieved only if the decision of three components interconnected issues: – the protection of being in the system information from the destabilizing impact of external and internal threats – the protection of elements of the system from the destabilizing effects of external and internal information threats – protecting the environment from the threats of information from the system. In accordance with the outlined a general scheme for information security can be represented as pokazano. Consider now the state of affairs in the study and development of the second component of information security – the protection of information. Protection of information is to use special methods and means to prevent or neutralize the negative impact of the elements in the system (human and technical complexes) information as available (generated, stored, processed and used) within the system, and coming from the external environment (protection of information systems) as well as having an adverse impact output information systems to elements of the environment (information ecology). The urgency of this part of the overall problem of information security is that information can provide such impact of the on humans and technical systems, the results of which can carry not just the negative and tragic, even disastrous. Everyone knows that thinking (and even intellectual activity) Rights to a great extent subject to external influences, and these effects may be very different character, but the result it can be very profound.

Internet Algorithm

This algorithm may be needed in programs loaders, whose task is to download files from the Internet, such as software download master, or application for that process web pages. The latter Related different kinds of parsers that process and downloaders from the pages of the chosen site opredelonogo opredennomu pattern information, or similar software is the task of downloading the full site given argument. Implement this task can be in three different ways. First, using the standard components of Delphi IDE for working with the network about this method can be found in the book Foundations of Delphi. Professional approach. Second, with help functions Win32 – it is the most difficult option, but the code get the most 'fast', use it if you want to achieve the fastest possible execution and most optimal and easy option with help Delphi library functions, they are based on the Win32 API. uses URLMon; … function DLFile (Source, File: string): boolean; begin try Result: = UrlDownloadToFile (nil, PChar (Source), PChar (File), 0, nil) = 0; / / Source – a source from which the file is downloaded, or the page / / File – the path on your computer to save the downloaded file or page funnaly Result: = false; / / in case error function is not nothing sledaet and the program will exit with a message about a critical error, just nothing happens end; end; Example: procedure TForm1.Button1Click (Sender: TObject); begin DownloadFile ('', 'c: working stolsite. com.txt '); end; This alternative solution is the best if you have to use operating system functions that would have to write a lot of extra code to check peredavaymyh parameters, checking the value returned by the functions and etc. In the case of components subject to the mandatory use of forms that do not always really need and create them just because you do not know how realzovat a particular algorithm is Group.

Usb Flash Drives

USB flash drive is a means of storing information based on NAND technology. Unlike floppy disks, such devices portable and recordable, as well as USB flash drives are much smaller than a floppy disk (2.5 to 6 cm) and weighing about 60 grams. Capacity USB drives from 64 MB to 64 GB. Some of these devices allow you to overwrite a million times and can store information of up to 10 years. Typically, USB flash drive connected to a computer with a USB connector, 1.1 or 2.0. In USB drives have the advantage over other portable storage media, particularly floppy disks. USB more compact, fast, and can carry more information, more reliable and strong. In addition, most computers are now available without a floppy drive.

Ports for USB, On the other hand, there are now almost any computer. Flash '>'> flash drive consists of a chip protected with plastic or rubber housing, so strong that it can carry in a pocket or a keychain. USB connector is usually protected by a cap. In order to begin work with a USB device must be connected to the USB port.