Hence it naturally follows that the provision of information security in a general problem can be achieved only if the decision of three components interconnected issues: – the protection of being in the system information from the destabilizing impact of external and internal threats – the protection of elements of the system from the destabilizing effects of external and internal information threats – protecting the environment from the threats of information from the system. In accordance with the outlined a general scheme for information security can be represented as pokazano. Consider now the state of affairs in the study and development of the second component of information security – the protection of information. Protection of information is to use special methods and means to prevent or neutralize the negative impact of the elements in the system (human and technical complexes) information as available (generated, stored, processed and used) within the system, and coming from the external environment (protection of information systems) as well as having an adverse impact output information systems to elements of the environment (information ecology). The urgency of this part of the overall problem of information security is that information can provide such impact of the on humans and technical systems, the results of which can carry not just the negative and tragic, even disastrous. Everyone knows that thinking (and even intellectual activity) Rights to a great extent subject to external influences, and these effects may be very different character, but the result it can be very profound.