How To Develop A Logo

The main thing that should osoznovat designer, and even more so, and his client, is that the logo does not the owner of the famous, and vice versa – the goods / services the company for its quality produce famous logo. The author repeatedly had to listen to the hope that only one appearance of the logo to the company attracted new customers. As an example to follow the rule cited as a trademark of Daimler Benz Mercedes firms: a simple impossibly sign, and how much we all said. But let me, because it is the quality of cars has brought fame and popularity to sign, but not vice versa. Absolutely the same reason, poor quality goods manufacturer brings bad fame, and his trademark, as it were perfect it may seem in terms of design, carries the load, is repels customers. It is easier sometimes to create a new brand than to restore credibility to the old uterannoe.

If your the customer does not agree with such situation, you should politely send him on in short, is a famous line. Otherwise you risk, at best, to spend on a logo design is an order of time and effort than Such work deserves, and at worst – and even get to his head foe in former customer, who will speak to every comer of you only the bad, and certainly will not pay a penny. Based on foregoing, we conclude that the future logo can be anything. However, to ensure that your customer was satisfied and the next time it is addressed to you, you should not make some of the things on which we more detail below.

Cellphone Repairs

Repair of smartphones and mobile phones – the main direction of the service center 'Odis-s', for obvious reasons, news on the world market of smartphones and cell phones are not indifferent to our workshop. The article briefly touch history and trends of smartphones with integrated cameras, as well as spesialistov opinion on the issue – whether camera phones replace digital cameras as soon as possible. Little time has gone since then, as there camera phones in stores, and today they occupy a leading position in sales. First camera phones called any phone with a camera, but now a camera phone is a phone with a very high quality camera and multiple functions. Four years ago, were announced by the two-megapixel camera, while it seemed very cool novelty, but time goes on, and now we increasingly see the 5-and 8-megapixel cameras on phones, and some can be found even 12ti.

Camera phones today have the led and Xenon flash, and the phones can find a convenient interface for fresh images to your blog. The quality of images such that almost as a digital camera. Usually the camera on the phones installed at the back of the gadget, but there are original designs, which usually do not take root. Sony Ericsson will have long realized that the future cameraphones, therefore the best quality camera you can find it in this company. Several years ago, experts still wondered whether camera phones to replace cameras, but today the answer to this the question seems obvious. In 2004 sales of mobile phones with cameras will be doubled, confidently ahead of digital cameras. Each year, camera phones take about 15% of sales from cameras. So way, slowly but surely cameraphones shift back digital cameras.

Indeed, in addition to ease of use and storage of camera phone images is growing and the quality of cameras on phones. Ey, Fellowship, what and how? To date, premature to talk about whether camera phones replace digital cameras. Era when producers "caught" on the number of consumers megapixels passed. Now even the most inexperienced knows that the number of Megapixels are not pervoopredelyayuschy Quality photos. Modern still do not allow camera with good image quality without increasing the dimensions of the device, talking the same on the phone with the lens 'telephoto' is not very convenient. Combination of digital devices can say the following: the quality of photos taken vidiokameroy, much worse than the quality of images taken Budgetary digital camera, and vice versa video from a digital camera is inferior in quality survey carried out on the camcorder. Thus, the conclusion is obvious: as the sale and repair of cameras in will soon be still valid. Not far off that day, when we use digital devices, combines the camera, camcorder, computer, and videophone.