Cairo Declaration

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou opens up the Conference to the Cairo Declaration in Taipei, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-jeou opened on 1 December at the Academia Historica in Taipei City the International Conference on the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Cairo to commemorate an event which instrumental, has helped restore peace and order in East Asia after the second world war. Those from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan together with the Chengchi was National University and the Chinese society of international law organized one-day event by more than 140 experts, officials and scholars from Japan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and visited the United States. In the Declaration the return demanded among others by Japan territories to the Republic of China, including, “that all of the lands stolen by the Japanese, such as Manchuria, Formosa, and the Pescadores to the Republic of China must be returned”. It was also said in this statement, Korea should be free and independent. The Cairo Declaration had been published Winston Churchill on December 1, 1943 as a result of the previous Conference of Cairo between the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Chiang Kai-shek, the President of the United States, Franklin D.

Roosevelt, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. President Ma said that although some people were the official character of the Declaration in question, it would be out of the question that any commitment or decision that was taken by a country’s leaders to be regarded from the point of view of international law as legally binding. Given the increasing tensions in East Asia due to the recent decision by mainland China, to build an air defence identification zone over the East China Sea reiterated Taiwan’s President the sovereignty of the Republic of China on the Diaoyutai Islands and reaffirmed that the Government opposite will expressing its firm stance in the ADIZ matter Beijing. Everyone should by any Contemplate measures that could bring the situation escalated, but begin negotiations to turn the East China Sea in a region of cooperation and peace.

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