Future Development

Mining machinery industry, as an important part of China s machinery manufacturing industry, also shoulder the major responsibility to supply mainstream equipment to support the national economy. It reflects the level of development of the country s industrialization. With the development of economic globalization, the development direction of domestic mining machinery industry also leaning to intelligent, pleasant, digital and large-scale. Currently, some problems exist in the development of mining machinery industry, which is restricted by the factors that the overall strength is not strong, the technological base is relatively weak, and product quality and technology. Therefore, to speed up the integration and develop high-end products through independent innovation is the best way to adapt to the current economic development pattern, which is the development focus of the domestic mining machinery in the future. Firstly, the system of mining machinery industry is huge, when emphasizing on the innovation and research, it is necessary to focus on the improvement of technology level. In the machinery manufacturing industry, the enterprises You should locate their own position well, be awareness of corporate characteristics and cultural ideas, establish their own brand image and strengthen the brand effect and a sense of crisis. Mining machinery industry should also not expand the production blindly, regard technological innovation as the heart of the concept, focus on the development of the high-end crusher equipment (cone crushers, hammer crusher) industry with competitiveness, strengthen the integration of science and technology, and enhance the efficiency of comprehensive usage. Secondly, the future development space of the mining machinery industry is vast. To strengthen the investment in research and the training of personnel to prepare for the development of high-tech industry in the future. Vigorously implementing the scientific equipment with independent intellectual property rights and promoting the construction of equipment industrial base to lay a solid foundation for the path of international development.

Design Dynamic

Dynamic Web pages play a vital role in pages that are based on products or pages where the information is continuously updated. But before you design the dynamic Web site is needed to prepare the management panel that is the heart of the dynamic Web page. If you want to promote dynamic Web page, then it must be compatible with search engines, as well as for visitors. These are the necessary points in the design of dynamic backend. 1.

Every page must have ease to insert the tags for title and meta tags that play a crucial role in the eyes of the search engines. 2. Each page should ease some sort of structure additional goal. 3. The MP must have the option to manage links. 4 Links in the header, navigation links and links in the footer, etc. They must be registe by the MP in the same place. 5 Must have the option to generate a site map which can give you click.

6 Should have the ease of integrating scheduled jobs with which site maps can be generated automatically, at regular intervals. 7. If the site map is generated in two ways XHTML and XML this perfect for the promotion of the site. 8. Is there a limit to the labels of title and description. So when you’re adding this information please note that a limited number of characters you can only. 9. One of the most important things in the admin panel is to have the possibility to change the template of the Web page. 10. The creation of the Web page must not have HTML or CSS errors. The MP should generate error-free code. 11. If it is possible to check links before launching the page to the public in general.

The Importance Of Color In The Design Of Garden

THE importance of the COLOR in the garden design garden colors have psychological connotation. All people perceive colors differently, not only to view but by the nomination of the color. Red and yellow are exciting colors that draw attention toward himself and toward any object closer to them. Plants of these colors can be splendidly used to focus attention on some element of garden design as it can be the case of the basement of a sculpture or fountain. Foliage or yellow plants is excellent for skirting steps or other area that requires some measure of caution.

Blue is a soothing color that can provide a feeling of freshness, regardless of whether it is you dare water or with flowering plants, should be installed in the garden in an area that turns any banking or rest this chairs can provide a calming oasis environment. Blue is an excellent accent in the garden accompanied by a yellow design glossy or a pink, being also a direct complement to the Orange. Green a primary color for the design of the garden. Green is soothing to the eye, both indoors and outdoors. The green of the grass is beneficial; It allows patients in a hospital to recover, in the garden unifies plantation and softens the sharp lines of constructed elements. White gives a sense of clean purity and precision. White reflects light and is the last of the colors that disappear from view at night. In areas shaded, foliage plants clear and white flowers are noticeable in the dark, providing shape and focal points to a garden might not be noticeable. To give color to the garden not only they are flowers but that can come from other sources such as foliage, fruits, bark, stones, pots, artistic pieces and other objects that can be used in the design of the garden so that they give rise to color. The trend in the design of the garden is that it is something less formal, allowing to the people experience more and more with the combination of colors without worrying too much about of that harmonize perfectly.