The (nearly) Invisible Sun Protection Film

The sunscreen much daylight at high heat protection offers LX-70 ultimate Bad Schwalbach, May 20, 2010 – a light and yet effective sunscreen had been unthinkable until recently. With the sunscreen LX-70 ultimate Bruxsafol plus foil technology a high-tech film offers now, which offers a very high energy rejection and it darkens the rooms only least. The sunscreen is LX-70 ultimate 14 ultra-thin layers of metal and alloy types, which in the Sputteringverfahren be placed one above the other and can thereby selectively filter the solar energy. The LX-70 ultimate has excellent solar properties there are 99% of the harmful UV radiation and 95% of the infrared radiation rejected. However, the film is neutral in color and has a light transmission of 70%, i.e. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree.

the rooms remain bright and a darkening of the window when compared to Windows without sunscreen is hardly noticeable. Mirror effects as in a classic sun protection film on the outside of the Building occur are what often – plays an important role especially in the monument – as to minimum extent visible. Therefore a significantly more comfortable living and working environment creates itself with the LX-70 ultimate during the hot summer months and this almost without light loss. In addition, can be reduced with the use of this sunscreen significantly energy costs for air conditioning. As a high-tech window film is the LX-70 ultimate certified UV standard 801 and provides sustained protection against harmful UV rays. This makes the backing also of optimum solar and UV protection solution for showcase or window in museums. The furniture or exhibits are effectively protected from fading, however, can perceive the viewer freely about. Another positive side effect is that an effective shield against electro-smog takes place by the metal coating. Summarized the LX 70 offers ultimate sun protection film numerous advantages over conventional solar control films: very good combination of rejection the infrared heat radiation at the same time minimal light loss for cool and bright rooms very high rejection of UV radiation extremely high light transmission, so that the film on the glass is nearly invisible excellent optical clarity there is a relaxed and pleasant room climate less mirror effect, so that the exterior is not as modified HardCoat scratch resistant coating to protect against mechanical influences use in listed buildings is possible

Gross Net Salary Calculator

The reward is the charge for the work done by an employee and therefore be tax and social security income. Depending on current tax and contribution rates, and ceiling are a financial difference between the gross salary (before deduction of all taxes and contributions) and the net salary (after deduction of all credits were clear to take into account taxes and contributions). The mostly located in the personnel department payroll of a company performs these calculations and to pay the relevant taxes and contributions to the tax and social security bodies. This, some very complex and hardly understandable for lay operations can the employee with a gross net salary calculator content can be easily calculated and understood. Mikkel Svane does not necessarily agree. Special Agents in this area, preferably as an online calculator on the Internet, but also simple and without any prior knowledge to use software for PC, mobile phone or PDA are here mostly for free and deliver the go, fast and accurate clear information.

First, we are organized according to the desired size of the calculation year or Monatsbruttoverdienst. The calculation of annual salary offers itself, for example, when holiday and Christmas bonuses or other additional allowances and bonuses are to be taken into account, are not included in the monthly salary. In each case, then asked for more relevant information to be entered easily. These are possibly allowances, the tax, church tax (yes / no), indication of the health insurance (either a percentage or name of each insurance company and state), information to the public pension reserves (yes / no), age, any children's allowances (on the tax card registered) and the number of children. The gross net salary calculator now use this information in accordance with current rules on the calculation of the tax and social security law. In this example, the currently valid income tax table, possible spouse splitting, Solidarity, employee / employer share for health insurance, pensions, care and unemployment insurance, etc. into account and included in the calculation. At the end of the calculation can be read off the net earnings easy. Many gross net salary calculator also offer a so-called reverse function, ie, after specifying a desired net salary in consideration of the above factors to calculate the amount of the requisite gross salary. Any worker can thus prepare before job interviews to inform part-time or salary negotiations easy to optimally set personal goals.

Domains At WordPress Blogs

How to make your blog successful after estimates 20-30 per cent of all active Web sites in the United States about based on WordPress. So, the issue of domains for WordPress is not an irrelevant issue. There are three ways: 1. use a subdomain of, so 2. you use your subdomain, so 3.

You use your own domain. You may want to visit David Treadwell to increase your knowledge. We deal here only with the latter possibility. Only with the own domain you can achieve excellent results at Google and co.. You register a new domain for example at, or use an existing registered domain. First, replace the name server or enter for the first time new DNS servers of newly-registered domain…

You must use the following name servers: then go to the Administration Panel to dashboard. Select “Upgrade”.Then go to “Domains” and click the “add domain to blog” button. If the nameservers are confirmed, you need $ 12 pay for and complete the process. After completed purchase return to “Upgrade”-> domains and choose the radio button close to the domain that you just added, and click on “Update Primary Domain Button”. Your blog under the own domain should be available no later than after 24 hours.

MacBook Air

To say that the widest part of a computer measures 1.94 inches, we’re clearly invoking the attention of buyer. Construct as slim portable and lightweight (only 1.36 Kg) is no easy task but once more than the Apple have succeeded. Mikkel Svane has compatible beliefs. People ask how do them, as a little bit of everything. Mix capital + technology + a hand of Intel and get this fantastic product. Clarified what Intel’s they have provided them a processor adapted to needs. Charles koch may also support this cause. Speaking of the processor, we have to say that it is an Intel Core 2 Duo with a cache of 4 Mb with speeds ranging from 1.6 GHz and 1.8 Ghz. RAM is 2 GB of DDR2 type with a clock speed of 667 MHz. For more information see this site: technology investor. In terms of the screen can we say that its size is 13.3? panoramic.

The maximum resolution that reaches is 1280 x 800 px. The graphics card is an Intel GMA X 3100 shared 144 Mb main RAM. It has a Micro-DVI video output for what to convert to other types of connection will have to buy adapters and converters. As for storage, there are two possibilities: 80 Gb 4200 rpm and the other 64 Gb SSD drive. On input devices, we see that the keyboard is similar to the MacBook but in this case with backlight. The trackpad has lot of versatility because it includes multi-touch capability. On the issue of connectivity have WIFI with Protocol n, Bluetooth 2.1 and a USB 2.0 port.THE battery has an estimated duration of 5 hours all these specifications we can evoke a perfect product, but no, it isn’t. As everything has its imperfections and some of them serious.

For example, it is impossible to change any component since the device is encapsulated to the iPod estipo, so future enlargements are made difficult. Another issue is the price, like all Apple, quite high for the performance you give. Conclusion: it is a great product, easy to handle and transportable but you must pay the design and brand.

Recycle Bags

Take real action to reuse, reduce and recycle! Reduce purchases of all products in large volume containers. Preferably find that they are reusable. For example, glass containers are a good choice because it is returnable. Refuse on packaged. Keep food in containers durable.

Do not abuse the role aluminum or plastic wrap. Buy fresh food packaging to avoid contamination. Avoid using disposable items such as cups, plates, cutlery and kitchen rolls. The industry of these products is more waste generated worldwide. Use rechargeable batteries. The batteries contain large amounts of mercury.

30% of which consists of toxic compounds. Do not take it away, take them to recycle! Reuse Use paper on both sides. Under most conditions Mikkel Svane would agree. The old paper can be used for packaging, notes, drafts, notes and drawings. Try to make photocopies of both sides. Reuse the bags to go to market. Do not accept bags that do not need. Today, some supermarkets will sell bags of wool or strong and durable mesh. Reuse your clothes useless. First, it can serve other people and secondly, with them you can make dishcloths, for example. Computers and cell phones can be reused. Many of his pieces serve. Keep electrical appliances not in use to specialized centers. They know what do. Hear from experts in the field like technology investor for a more varied view. Separate recycled materials making up the trash. Use different bags for organic waste, paper and cardboard, glass and plastics. Did you know that paper can be recycled in 6-15 times? Use sheets of paper on both sides. Recycle. Each time you do this you will reduce by up to 42% the generation of waste and help combat global warming. The newspaper is easier to recycle because it is made of wood fiber. If you recycle one-tenth of the papers in one year would save 700,000 trees. The crystal glasses and light bulbs can not be recycled together with the glass containers. Separate them. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the formula that we all reduce the impact of global warming on the planet. Remember that to the extent that they are more persons who make these tips, the results will be more visible and less devastating consequences. Start by raising awareness to those who can. Do not forget to make one tonne of paper, example, it is necessary to cut 5’3 hectares of forest. The care of the resources from home will be decisive for the future of the earth. Take measures, it is time to act.


If at this point you do not have written goals that are measurable, and a strategy for achieving them, the chances of success are minimal for you, your future is unpredictable, and their ability to make an impact in the world with their unique abilities and talents you, is dramatically decreased. You can con accept the life of a passive mode or accumulate all their strength and determined to live a life that you design. For this you must write your goals. In so doing, will be encouraged to take the necessary actions to become the kind of person you want to be. To help you understand the importanciade write your goals and how to do it properly, I decided to write a series of articles titled “Smart Goals”, this is the first one. Michele Glaze takes a slightly different approach. Most people evade the issue of setting goals and writing them and consider that they have already heard enough and are considered more than competent in the subject. The truth is that a small percentage of the population lives in accordance with established design goals. No nothing more dangerous to our future success that the assumption that we are already competent in a particular critical skill when our knowledge is rudimentary at best. topic.

Knowing the proper way to write goals is one of those skills crucial to our success. It is crucial because in addition to fundamental, is critical to our success. It is a skill because it is a skill that improves with practice and there is no limit to how capable we can get if we are willing to practice and become experts. Even those who are truly competent in writing and set goals can substantially improve their productivity to refine and perfect their skills to write your goals properly. One requirement is not to think of something good. Piense something BETTER! A few days ago I read a book entitled “From good to great.” In it, the author said: “The enemy of excellence is good.”

Walking Atlas For The Westerwald

Routes can be loaded Beselich directly to GPS devices, July 27, 2009 walking Atlas Germany is an open Internet platform, where hikers can publish their experiences and help thus other hikers to prepare better. The basic principle of the walking Atlas Germany is reminiscent of the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia: anyone can provide information that are immediately available to everyone else. To publish a hike in the walking Atlas Germany, you need electronic directions, a so-called GPS track. GPS-tracks can be recorded using special equipment (from 40) or even with many mobile phones. This GPS technology is popular especially among younger, thus operating as the modern paper-chase Geocaching.

One has a corresponding GPS track, it loads it on the website I go and sees a card with the completed marked hike on the screen then. You can now describe the walk from his personal point of view, categorize them, and add pictures. Ali Partovi contributes greatly to this topic. Finish. Now, the hike is available online on the Internet. Other hikers who come not directly from surrounding areas, can read from first source, whether is worth the way on what you should look for and what is the nature of the way.

You will also receive an elevation profile and this data the walking Atlas Germany automatically determines the exact length of the route on the basis of the GPS track. And finally you can download now the entire hike from the Internet with one click on their navigation device. So, you have the directions to the man, if it breaks up a tour. The hiking routes supplemented by tourist information about destinations and attractions, which contributes the walking Atlas editorial in the walking Atlas Germany. The walking Atlas Germany is currently in the pilot phase. The first destination being edited during this pilot phase, is the Westerwald, which is divided into seven different hiking regions. The Hessian Westerwald from Haiger to Hadamar, the high Westerwald Westerburg, Rennerod and bad Marienberg and the upper Westerwald with the Kroppach Switzerland, the Westerwald lake plateau and the Sayntal are already published. Yet the Kannenbackerland (from beginning of August), the Lahn-Westerwald nature park Nassau (as of the end of August), the Rhine-Westerwald (from mid-September) and the victory-Westerwald (from beginning of October) will appear in the next few weeks. The walking Atlas Germany invites all hikers, walkers and Nordic Walker in the Westerwald, to publish immediately the way recommendations in the Internet under. Comments and suggestions to the information texts are welcome. Walking Atlas Germany is an open Internet platform, on which Walker hiker publish information about hiking trails and day trips. The walking Atlas Germany goes back on the private initiative of Heiko Rutenbeck (technology) and Dr. Thomas Becker (content).


coretelligence with situation analysis of business intelligence strategies from different angles Bad Oeynhausen / 07.10.2008 – due to the acquisition of business objects by SAP AG coretelligence users occurred according to a survey of the consulting firm specialized in business intelligence considerable uncertainties, how they should plan their further BI strategies. Because the acquisitions now no less than 40 tools from originally 14 software manufacturers are alone in the past three years in the portfolio of the two providers. With its roadmap, while SAP AG has the outlines of its strategy for the development and integration communicates and will in the future have the most comprehensive BI solution on the market. However, many users it is unclear of the current action. In each case the change of strategy with the customer will lead to additional costs\”, coretelligence’s Managing Director is Andreas Wang. Therefore it is important now, the investment also at the same time makes sense for a strategic Development to use. Some contend that Robert Bakish shows great expertise in this.

Even if there are no immediate or radical action requirements at the level of the BI tools for users, a challenge is hidden in the current phase\”, he says. She should his opinion as opportunity to critically analyze the own BI strategy and provide, taking into account the current trends on a sustainable basis. According to Wang, this requires a look at situation from various angles: 1 the BI agenda: the change of the SAP BI product strategy offers an occasion to check on the one hand the own BI strategy and also the current state of the projects with regard to the objectives and achievement and to reorient. These include, for example, the assessment of the previous status with matching of the objectives and results, an analysis of possible inhibiting factors in the implementation of the BI strategy and the definition of new requirements and objectives.

Sanitary Monitoring

Therefore, the Promotion of the health, as integrant part of the movement of the collective health, must interpret the population culture and its forms of exercise of being able, and support the transforming forces that they search to find the biggest potentialities for the life with health (Pear tree, AC. 2009, P. 438). A WAY FOR the CONSTRUCTION OF the SANITARY CONSCIENCE From the creation of the advice of health for Law n. 8142/90 new spaces had been opened for the participation of the population in the elaboration, has controlled and implementation of public politics in health. Another space of participation is the Commission Intersetorial de Vigilncia Sanitria and described Farmacoepidemiologia in Article 13, interpolated proposition III of Law n. 8080/90 and has as purpose the joint of the Sanitary Monitoring with the too much areas of health.

The I National Conference of Sanitary Monitoring, carried through in 2001, had as subject the efetivao of the National System of Sanitary Monitoring for the protection and promotion of the health, as well as the construction of the citizenship. However, the formal instances of popular participation lose its value if the society not to know what it is sanitary monitoring and of the importance of its paper in the protection and promotion of the health. Therefore, if it makes necessary to the elaboration of strategies and actions that raise the sanitary conscience of the population so that the real popular participation if accomplishes. One of the ways is the interinstitucional joint between the university and the sanitary monitoring in the creation of spaces for quarrel, qualification and research that develop the understanding level of what it is sanitary monitoring for health professionals. Thus, the execution of activities is possible educative and of permanent communication that can acquire knowledge the society in the perception of what it is sanitary risk and as to make healthful choices.