Nuclear Security

In October of the passed year, the Commission of Nuclear Security of Japan, one of the main agencies of nuclear regulation of the country, made a meeting to determine its objectives of long stated period. During the meeting, Takanori Tanaka, that dirige the Center of Engineering of the Nuclear Energy, partially sponsored for the government, showed to the commissioners an archive of PowerPoint defending new technologies that reduced ' ' the residual risk related the earthquakes and tsunamis' ' , according to attached documents to drafts of the meeting. It seems until they were guessing that a great nuclear catastrophe in its country would happen, what finished happening caused by tsunami. Making a reevaluation Japan esteem that the cost of the damages of the earthquake and tsunami devastadores of this month can arrive the US$ 300 billion. The authorities of Tokyo had alerted that the babies do not have to ingest water of tap because of the leaked radiation of a nuclear plant. The first official estimate since the tragedy of 11 of March has covered, over all, the damages the roads, houses, plants and the infrastructure, and dims the losses of the tremor occurred in the city of Kobe in 1995 that it more than killed six a thousand people and of the Katrina hurricane that devastou New Orleans, in the United States, in 2005, killing more than two a thousand what it makes of this the more expensive natural disaster of the world. Also it had the increase and the concern with the food risk contaminated for the radiation of the plant of Fukushima, about 250 kilometers of the Japanese capital is contaminating the population of the country. Three workers of reactor 3 of the nuclear plant of Fukushima, in Japan, had been hospitalized after extreme exposition to the radiation today (24). This happened in result of the employees to be installing energy handles.

Educational Programs

Specific programs of ambient education and recycling developed by companies of the sector in partnership with schools, beneficient clubs and entities have despertado the interest each bigger time of the society for the recycling; O high aggregate value of the aluminum scrap iron stimulates the recycling of other materials, giving force to an important instrument when it is said in recycling: the selective collection, that comes gaining space in some Brazilian cities; A recycling saves up to 95% of the energy electric necessary for the productive process. The products developed from this project are of low ambient impact, and are inserted inside of a context of preservation of the environment, for being done with the reaproveitamento of what he would be harmful for the nature. Exactly it will be had disarranges of the product, the silver could be melted and if to transform into another jewel and the lens will be able to inside receive a new clipping to be inserted of a new drawing. 5.2.RECICLAGEM IN the SELEO OF the PRODUCT this to create this product, is collected in the Optics Ana Maria and the Labonorte (Deliverer of lenses of eyeglasses) the blocks and made unusable pieces of lenses. After that they are separate for curves, size, type, thickness and color.

The lenses that already will have passed for burnishing, coloration and clipping in technological maquinrio of high definition will be sent the jewel workshop to receive the contour in silver in accordance with the 950 drawings technician. All these processes that involve the product at the moment are terceirizados. WAX CANDLE OF NAZAR In the city of Belm of Par, as well as in many cities of the interior of the state, occurs a wax candle in homage to the padroeira saint of the city. In as the sunday of October, the wax candle of Ns Sr de Nazar, the biggest procession of faith of the paraense people happens.

Digital TV

The resource more promising than ciberespao offers is the interatividade. The responsible one for the linear flow in addition is this of information and takes off internauta of the position of mere passive user and recoloca in the situation of a personage who influences in the flow of content of web. The term ‘ ‘ interatividade’ ‘ , in general way if it relates to an effective participation of the information users, searching to breach with the crystallization of the positions of sender and receiver. It can be said that a technology is considered interactive in fact as reflects the consequences of our acts, developing them for us.

Beyond reflecting, the way also refracts what it receives, transforming and processing what the user emits and receives in return. As this process occurs, it in provides to a direction of relation between the being and the reality to them where if he finds. (ROKEBY, 1997) However, the interatividade can also be faced as a problem due to the fact to demand one reformularization in the work of comment, conception and evaluation of the communication methods. It is possible, then, to confirm the idea defended for Lvy of that, more than what an extension of the traditional medias, the new medias are in process of transformation and readjustment. Had to the digital technologies, the number of available resources to internautas can be extended immensely. The interactive connections between users and more intense suppliers if become each time, thus resulting in a reorganized format of the current standard of the massificada media and making possible ‘ ‘ … to the user to leave of side the paper of mere consumer and to start to be, it also, an active agent in the production and dissemination of information and knowledge, transmutando the user-consumers in users cidado’ ‘ (MOTA; IT TAKES apud ADORYAN). It is with base mainly in these aspects that if can place in focus the transforming potential of medias as the Digital TV.