What Implies to buy Particle counters nowadays? Without a doubt that to give to an important step in Innovation and Technological Management but is only the first step, the objective of the implementation of this technology would seem to be the data acquisition that says the condition to us of oils, vital element in oleohydraulic systems of lubrication and, part and fundamental component of the equipment and machines of productive processes, but also it is the beginning. The experience shows day to us day that " a set of datos" he is only that, also the studies show to us that we can add value to this set, we can model them, process them and transform this set into management facilitators we can process, them, with the aid of digital systems, and take them to the status of SIR Sistemas de Excellent Informacin. If we have a greater commitment with the use and operation of these technologies we can nowadays generate knowledge the one that allows not only to model but still more to simulate a situation and to have tools predictive for the case of possible events, the decision making no longer is not only responsibility of the head or the executive, either of the interpretation of the information but of the reading that gives a System of Particle Count like instrument of Predictive Symptomatic Analysis with Preactivas tools like the tendency analysis. Nowadays the Particle counter is an instrument more, a System of Particle Count is a management tool. Not in vain international organizations have assigned to codes of contamination or cleaning to parts, components, devices, equipment, actuators, etc. Codes that are tabs according to levels of amount of present solid particles in the oils, that participate like transmitters of power and/or lubricants. Codes that after one decade of culture of the contamination, the monitoring of the condition, the continuous improvement and as summarize of Engineering in Maintenance today is substantial fraction of the knowledge of all specialist in mantencin.


Battery If you travel much or regularly you use your computer of movable way, the importance of the life of the battery is critical. The majority of laptops of medium size now has a life of the battery among 4 and 5 hours, so you are not satisfied to less. Once again, which beams with your laptop determines what so fast you will exhaust the battery. If you like to see films, decides by an option that lasts more. The secondary batteries or the packages of batteries are not cheap, but the investment definitively can merit the pain. Use of networks Almost all the laptops now include to a connection of Ethernet for the access at a high speed of Internet and cards of radio networks including, to be able to have wireless access in points as much public like in your homemade network. Perhaps you want to consider to include the Bluetooth capacity, that allow you to connect to your laptop with other apparatuses qualified by Bluetooth, such as printing, horns, etc.

Other Connections Some other connections what to look for includes a port VGA for an external monitor, cables of headsets and microphones and at least two ports USB to connect other apparatuses, such as digital cameras, reproductive MP3, flash memory, etc. Perhaps for use in the home, also you want audio-visual connections (A/V) to connect directly to your laptop with your television. In spite of the complexity of all the options available, the good news is that laptops of nowadays is fast, powerful and accessible. Armed with a little knowledge, there is no reason by which you cannot find laptop that she is perfect for you!

Information Scientific

Carla Daniella Teixeira Girard Cristiane Marina Teixeira Girard SUMMARY Studies the origin of the model of open archive or open access (TO), definitions, accessibility, use, advantages and disadvantages. It analyzes the relevance of this model as a new alternative for the free access to the scientific, available information in electronic publications and databases, as well as its contribution to the progress of science for intermediary of the production of new knowledge. It adopts as methodology, the accomplishment of research with bibliographical, documentary survey and in database on-line, with intention to select the material, analyzing and contextualizando the essential parts. The research was carried through in books, periodic printed matters and dissertaes that approach the subject in the libraries of UFPA and UNAMA. It is distinguished, however, as periodic principal sources on-line, such as Science of the Information, Perspective in Science of the Information, Transinformao and Datagramazero, being distinguished, still, the Digital Libraries of the IBICT and the USP. It analyzes the information in its origin and conceptual evolution.

It deals with the term scientific information showing its importance in the field of science. It discourses on the scientific communication in what it refers to the conceptual and historical boarding, its evolution and has detached as basic element for the sprouting of the open archive. It in general turns on the use of the scientific communication in the world contemporary and its contribution for the members of the scientific community and the public. It shows the existence of cinereous literature, its concepts and presents its importance for science, approaching historical aspects and identifying the types of documents of that it treats this scientific literature. Word-key: Open archive. Open Access (TO). Scientific information.

Scientific communication. Cinereous literature. 1 INTRODUCTION With the advent of the Technologies of the Information and Communication (TICs), providing a fast growth of the Internet, had discovered and creations that had contributed for a new social structure, with adequacy and evolution of models that they allow the efficient access and in timely way to the information desired for the users.

Xerox Copier

Xerox copier was patented in 1938 by Chester Carlson of American nationality. For more than 100 years of its birth, the inventor of the xerography, man whom the form would change of radical way to preserve and to share information. The xerography is the technological base of the laser printer, digital printer of production and of course of Xerox copier. After graduating in physics, dumb to New York, obtaining itself a use like assistant of a patent attorney. Frequently it had to by hand realise enough copies of drawings, work that became tedious and that taking into account its myopia and arthritis, its work was still more heavy. Carlson identified of immediate way the necessity of a method simple and practical to make copies. And like which it at heart was inventor; it was put to investigate which one would become, Xerox copier.

In the Public Library it found technical publications with information on the reproduction of photographies and account occurred that the process was taken and required of use of many chemical agents. Carlson was wondered if it could do it by means of an electrical method, since it knew that the charged particles adhere to a surface with opposite load. The problem was how to obtain that the particles paid attention to identical form to the one of an image illuminated on a paper. Electrofotografa presented/displayed a request for a patent by the basic concept of , but to not yet it was able to realise a correct impression in dry. Then the decisive discovery took place. It covered a plate with zinc with sulfide it rubbed, it with a cotton rag to create a load of static electricity, placed in front of a transparency with written words and exposed the two to the heat of a lamp. It cleared the slide, it dusted the plate with esporas of moss, pressed paper butter against the dust, applied heat and it retired the paper.

Publicity Payment

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