Ed Hardy – Flashy Design

Many different fashion brands here see Ed Hardy this is most a term. Are the colorful tattoo motifs of the star Tatowierers Ed Hardy striking. Styles like Love Kills Slowly, Bull Dog, Tiger, Geisha, or Dedicated Love are now known, the garments adorned with studs and rhinestones just. Also in European circles, one can speak of a real boom in Ed Hardy, who seems to find no end. History of Ed Hardy knows almost everyone what it is, is talk of Ed Hardy but almost nobody knows the history of the company. If you would like to know more about Mashable, then click here.

The namesake of the labels is the famous Don Ed Hardy as God of tattoos”, this gentleman from America is known. The famous designer Christian Audigier walked through the streets of Los Angeles, when he spotted a T-Shirt with a huge tattoo-motive. The then Vice President of van Dutch”quickly sensed a new trend and made it immediately, to guide them in the way. After a contact with Don Ed Hardy, the sale of rights was his Called also the motives of the tattoo artists sold to Mr Audigier: began immediately with his first Ed Hardy collection. That success would be so big, so none had not expected but only the style itself is the reason for this is also the unique marketing with involved that a such boom to the tattoo shirts emerged. So wasted the designer prefers his T-Shirts on Hollywood stars and made so quickly for a spreading of the styles. Pieces of collections of Ed Hardy buy fashion Ed Hardy in the Internet to get around, do you no longer are with Christian Audigier in contact or travel in the United States in this country you can buy designer pieces. It is easily a little for example on the Internet within few clicks the desired shirt is namely ordered.


Developing a Web presence with online-shop Karlsruhe 04.04.11: PRODATA has brought a new Web portal with integrated online shop at the start for the Golfwear provider XFORE. The presentation of the current collections with many images and concise texts, as well as the XFORE Premium Club is in the focus. In the background, the portal offers a complete merchandise management system with different databases and sophisticated user management. The Portal provides entry into the XFORE Golfwear collection for men and women. With big, flash animated images immerses the viewer into the world of golf. The high quality and the refined design of the collection reflected in the layout of the new Web portal impressively. The Web shop also convinces with its clear structure and user friendly functionality.

The XFORE Premium Club is very exclusive. Marc Mathieu contributes greatly to this topic. Members receive invitations to selected events and presentations of new collections. At the same time the portal as where a contact possibility for golf shops and golf coach, Waving registration discounts and commissions. The local fan base on the portal is linked with its own page on Facebook. The background features, such as the management of the stocks, the complete order processing incl. payment function and of course analysis and reporting functions are particularly important for XFORE. The complete portal was launched without large soft – or hardware investments.

The great experience in the design and implementation of Internet portals, as well as the extensive, additional services were crucial to the selection of PRODATA. So PRODATA took over hosting the platform, their application and the management of customer clubs. As a certified member of DDV, PRODATA can also guarantee a high safety standard. Press contact: PRODATA GmbH Kerstin Gardner team leader marketing E-Mail: Tel: 0721-98 171-650 links: about PRODATA: for more than 20 years, PRODATA as project agency and service provider for marketing, sales support and Commerce its demanding customers. The range of services includes the areas of consulting, systems and services and is used for the optimization of marketing, communication and sales processes. This includes among other things the organisation of customer clubs and loyalty programs or the establishment of Internet portals and client binding systems. About XFORE: The Golfwear provider XFORE stands for highest quality and stylish design. Designed specifically for golf, XFORE combines a precise, tailored to the game of golf design with rich fabrics to a self-confident look. The distribution takes place exclusively via the new portal as well as selected golf coach and golf shops.

XVIII Garden

In landscape gardening art is dominated by two traditional subjects: French Park (also known as a regular, traditional), English (natural or landscape). In the first plan and everything is subordinated to the will of man, in the second triumph naturalness. But the Russian people would not be a Russian, if not created his own style estate, which connected the unconnected. We are. We can not but admire the perfect forms, ideal proportions and strict laws of symmetry of the classical garden and can not give up the splendor of the free nature.

That is why the strict paths and lawns ideal for us side by side with winding paths and overgrown ponds and topiarpye form shrubs – with the lush canopy of lime trees and weeping birch branches. So it was in the XVIII century, this is the case now. The only innovation: in addition to the traditional European style, we have increasingly used Oriental motifs. That's Designers of the landscape and design construction company, "Li-Air", smashing a garden in holiday village near Sheremetyev could not refuse synthesis. Says landscape architect Ilya Vaseckiy: – Garden, which we began to build five years ago, is pretty big. Its owners – are creative people who are ready to experiment. So their garden is divided into several zones, and in its different parts – different styles. And the front part of the garden we decided to make them regular. So dictated the features of the site, which has a long entry lane length of 23 meters and a width of 6 meters.

CAD Schroer Support

Customers evaluate the DIN EN ISO 9001 certified CAD schroer group support as “Excellent” Moers, Germany may 27, 2013: quality has always been a high priority for CAD Schroer. In 2009, the company in the field of training by TuV Nord has been certified. This year, CAD Schroer DIN receives EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate for his support. The top grade was awarded “Excellent” in the first customer reviews. As a global provider of engineering solutions, CAD Schroer places has always been a high value on the quality. While the company in addition to its software solutions also offers the appropriate training and associated technical support.

To underline the importance of customer and quality of CAD Schroer, the company settled this year in the areas of training and support according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. Certified training from CAD schroer group: service/training/pk/212 of certified support CAD schroer: support/pk/212 tested by TuV Nord the quality certificate DIN EN ISO 9001 describes in a quality management standard, which calls for customer orientation and continuous process optimization. In the framework of certification by CAD Schroer, these and many other quality criteria are tested by TuV Nord. This distinguished himself especially, that CAD Schroer has a very high customer orientation in all areas and existing processes. Customer feedback is always into the optimization of products and services of the company. Certification of the technical services and the hotline mechanisms what internally long is a given for us we can now show through the official certification of the ISO on the outside”, so Markus Bertram, head of the training Department and QM responsible in terms of service for CAD Schroer. The customer feedback has been tested for our certification of technical services and the hotline mechanisms. While all processed service requests by customers are valued.” In the first customer feedback after the official “TuV certification in all four categories (problem solved, reaction time, reviewer’s competence and satisfaction with service in General) the top grade was awarded to the company according to” forgive.