XVIII Garden

In landscape gardening art is dominated by two traditional subjects: French Park (also known as a regular, traditional), English (natural or landscape). In the first plan and everything is subordinated to the will of man, in the second triumph naturalness. But the Russian people would not be a Russian, if not created his own style estate, which connected the unconnected. We are. We can not but admire the perfect forms, ideal proportions and strict laws of symmetry of the classical garden and can not give up the splendor of the free nature.

That is why the strict paths and lawns ideal for us side by side with winding paths and overgrown ponds and topiarpye form shrubs – with the lush canopy of lime trees and weeping birch branches. So it was in the XVIII century, this is the case now. The only innovation: in addition to the traditional European style, we have increasingly used Oriental motifs. That's Designers of the landscape and design construction company, "Li-Air", smashing a garden in holiday village near Sheremetyev could not refuse synthesis. Says landscape architect Ilya Vaseckiy: – Garden, which we began to build five years ago, is pretty big. Its owners – are creative people who are ready to experiment. So their garden is divided into several zones, and in its different parts – different styles. And the front part of the garden we decided to make them regular. So dictated the features of the site, which has a long entry lane length of 23 meters and a width of 6 meters.

Elektrotyapki Principle

To date, almost every gardener is aware of the existence of a superior technology, such as tillers. However, the hoes will still have to work, especially in the beds, because the rotary cutter can easily damage the roots or foliage plants. Surprisingly, this problem was solved developers. Now assortment of special devices for inter-row tillage, they are called elektrotyapkami. On the principle of operation they are cultivators, but tasks are about the same. As for appearance, hoe is very similar to the trimmer – the same long bar with a tool from the bottom and the handle to the engine. The principle of loosening in elektrotyapok not like a motor cultivators, there is no rotary cutters, instead they are special pins carrying out the vibrational motion.

Thus, with the help of special mechanisms rotation of the motor is converted into vibration pins. Such a scheme of work has many advantages. For example, if during the work hurt his leg, there would only be a few scratches, but the threat of serious injury is low. On the other hand, the land is not turned by loosening and, therefore, remains a fertile layer. And, finally, elektrotyapki not move forward, like a tiller (due to rotation cutter), so we can handle even small plots of land between the plants. Of course, not without drawbacks elektrotyapki. For example, the productivity of their significantly lower than that of motor cultivators.

However, this tool is still very much facilitates the work of the gardener. The more so that absolutely no need to bend, because the length of the handle and adjustable, you can work straight back. In short, you can elektrotyapku certainly be viewed as an innovation in garden tools. It is worth noting that the availability of outlets for the use of such apparatus is not necessary. Some models are equipped with special batteries that can operate without charge for quite a long time.