Educational Programs

Specific programs of ambient education and recycling developed by companies of the sector in partnership with schools, beneficient clubs and entities have despertado the interest each bigger time of the society for the recycling; O high aggregate value of the aluminum scrap iron stimulates the recycling of other materials, giving force to an important instrument when it is said in recycling: the selective collection, that comes gaining space in some Brazilian cities; A recycling saves up to 95% of the energy electric necessary for the productive process. The products developed from this project are of low ambient impact, and are inserted inside of a context of preservation of the environment, for being done with the reaproveitamento of what he would be harmful for the nature. Exactly it will be had disarranges of the product, the silver could be melted and if to transform into another jewel and the lens will be able to inside receive a new clipping to be inserted of a new drawing. 5.2.RECICLAGEM IN the SELEO OF the PRODUCT this to create this product, is collected in the Optics Ana Maria and the Labonorte (Deliverer of lenses of eyeglasses) the blocks and made unusable pieces of lenses. After that they are separate for curves, size, type, thickness and color.

The lenses that already will have passed for burnishing, coloration and clipping in technological maquinrio of high definition will be sent the jewel workshop to receive the contour in silver in accordance with the 950 drawings technician. All these processes that involve the product at the moment are terceirizados. WAX CANDLE OF NAZAR In the city of Belm of Par, as well as in many cities of the interior of the state, occurs a wax candle in homage to the padroeira saint of the city. In as the sunday of October, the wax candle of Ns Sr de Nazar, the biggest procession of faith of the paraense people happens.

The Outskirts

But all the small cars do not puden to be used to all age. Since the babies very small they cannot sit down nor they can realise voluntary movements of head and neck until the six months of age, reason why we needed is simply a basic frame that it can support almost any type of security seat to facilitate the trip in which the baby will go laid down. Its place of residence also is an important factor. If it lives in a city and usually it uses the public transport surely it chooses by compact and light models like the small cars umbrella or the ultralight ones, these are folded easily and they will give a greater comfort him. However if it inhabits in the outskirts or town with streets of earth and mountain talvez the best thing it is to obtain small cars with great tires as are it the whole delos land of range sport which can be used in any type of surface, or snow or mud or stone. Also the parents who love the physical activity can decide on a small car thought especially for them, like joggers or small cars of 3 wheels that are ideal for their use in the suburban zones, thus in the places and parks. Martin writes articles onlinde for 3 years of the most varied subjects. She is specialistic in subjects of health and technology but also it has its own Web site where it can find the best information on small cars for you drink original Author and source of the article

ABNT Resources

(It is seen, in annex 1, relation of Sites suggested in classroom). Made this, it was argued collectively, in classroom, a script of the project, with its main topics (Identification; Introduction; Objectives; Justification; Theoretical Referencial; Metodolgicos procedures; Cronograma; Consideraes Final and References). In the end of the period of learning semester, each group will have to deliver to the typed material in accordance with the norms of the ABNT and also to make a presentation of the research, with interactive resources and multimedia. In elapsing of the lessons of the semester, always in the end of each lesson some minutes for exchanges of information, clarification of doubts and steps are private. One gives credit that with use of this strategy the pupils can exercise the exploration of the resources offered for the Internet and discover that many possibilities exist to be explored and worked with the children in alfabetizao classroom.

Moreover, future pedagogas/teachers will be able, also, to improve the research of the theoretical referencial that supports practical the pedagogical one. Thus, a new possibility of construction of new didactic materials is created, with the aid of the digital resources, facilitating the alfabetizao of children, who since early interact with new medias, in natural way. One of the lessons was carried through in the laboratory of Computer science, where the groups had developed an daily pay-activity, exploring some possibilities in the site. All had been magic with the available resources, such as videos, varied games, assembly of tirinhas and others. To motivate the participation of the pupils better, nothing of what provoking them with challenges and questionings that they demand, for its solution, research online, in colaborativo way, giving possibility of that they demonstrate its abilities in the use of available technological resources. The paper of the professor, as mediating, is of basic importance, therefore it represents the interlocutor in this colaborativa dimension of learning anchored for the interatividade.